Passwords everywhere, with every system, with every account you have. You forget your passwords, or they are weak passwords that are easily picked off. Your company’s IT department spends countless hours retrieving passwords. Now, with the upcoming release of Microsoft’s Windows 10, your IT department may have more time on its hands to handle more […]

Ransomware is a type of malware that infects your computer and encrypts your data until you actually pay to have it removed. The first sign of trouble is usually some sort of text telling you that your computers data has been protected by a strong encryption and you will not be able to work with […]

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been around for a while, but since the turn of the millennia we have seen an increasing use of DDoS attacks that target large corporations, small businesses and even individual users. Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS) provide little to no protection against DDoS attacks and can leave […]

Big data can often seem daunting to many small and medium-sized businesses, but by utilizing it most SMBs stand a great deal to gain. Unfortunately, many businesses today are missing out on the great benefits of utilizing big data because they believe it is too costly or too complex for their business to manage. The […]

There is a world of applications out there and they’re all claiming to be the next big thing for your business. You may have been tempted to go hog-wild in the app store, loading up on everything you see that looks interesting or helpful. You can also feel overwhelmed or you might be avoiding the […]

Microsoft recently made available, for free, its core applications of its flagship Office Suite product – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – to tablet users. There are a number of reasons Microsoft went in this direction, the main reason being that it needs to gain a foothold in the mobile device market, which it has ignored […]

Getting a group together in the office conference room is a great way to interact face to face, perfect for some team building and catching up. Although these are laudable outcomes, at the same time your business also needs to get some work done for customers and clients. You may also need to include individuals […]

Mobile phones play an ever-increasing role in the operations of businesses. Not just for communication any more, smartphones are used to access data; to record video, audio, and still images and play them back; to help with meeting agendas and travel schedules; and to find everything from your client’s jobsite to local restaurants while traveling. […]

With Windows 10 slated to be released in a few short months, many businesses are wondering if they should upgrade to the newest version or stick with their current Windows environment. Many IT departments have already installed and have been using the Tech Preview edition of Windows 10 in order to get a real world […]

Disaster recovery plans have been around long before the creation of the cloud. Back in the days of early personal computing, paper was the main source of data storage that companies depended on to recover critical company information in the event of a disaster. The location of the stored data was usually in a physical […]