Anyone who’s even loosely associated with the tech industry knows that there’s no such thing as privacy on the web. Most government agencies have, at this point, been hacked. Private companies from banks to insurance firms, with state-of-the art protection have been breached, data stolen, customer trust destroyed. The independent TOR project, whose primary goal […]

Apple has not classically been known for being a company that considers the environmental factor of their production, and in fact, the company has gotten some flak for it in recent years. However, it did not take these accusations lightly and the phone and computer company has started to move towards greener pastures, so to […]

It’s here: Microsoft 2016 has finally come to greet businesses and individuals alike, and while the program is essentially the same as the last release, there are still some major changes. Some of the new features include tons of new productivity-boosting tools that anyone who may stray from tasks a little too often will love, […]

Once upon a time, it was rumored that the de facto standard of excellence for a business work laptop was the IBM ThinkPad. There are those who may disagree with this, but even when IBM sold off its laptop business to Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, the ThinkPad was still highly sought after on the basis of […]

In the business world, personal computers have been a part of the office since the 1980s. Prices have dropped considerably, compared to having to spend $1000 for a 10 Megabyte hard disk (!) to where the same amount of money today can buy terabytes of data storage. But when it comes to the criteria for […]

The best way to handle the potential for a data breach is to plan for such an event. Working with all of your employees to make certain they are mindful of how their activity can heighten or reduce the chance of an outsider threatening your or your customers’ information. Take the opportunity to review your […]

Small- and medium-sized businesses are continuing to adopt mobile technology into the workplace in an amazing number of ways. Companies are taking advantage of both the relatively low cost of the technology as well as its low maintenance and portability in the field. Visual Realities Neuroscience has supported the decades-old learning theory that most people […]

The world of Internet payment methods continues to expand, and not just by using credit cards but online, where companies such as Apple and PayPal use a simple login and password combination to securely make payments for everything from apples to eBay transactions. Stating The Obvious A few months ago, eBay announced it was separating […]

With the increases in network security breaches in the last few years, it is imperative that businesses become more aware of how these breaches are happening and what steps can be taken to prevent them. While there is no 100% fool-proof way of stopping every kind of security breach, with a little knowledge and foresight, […]