In today’s increasingly mobile business world, there is always a risk of losing important data to malware attacks, accidents or end-user negligence. With advanced technology, however, businesses can minimize their risk of data loss by identifying and monitoring data and putting in place certain safeguards to help protect it from loss. Your data are the […]

What harm could there be in free software? Everybody’s cost-conscious these days, right? Why not help your bottom line by using freebies? Wrong. Free software is one of the most dangerous things you will run into while operating your business. This is not to say trial offers, or any shareware products, are to be avoided, […]

You own a business and your business uses computers and the Internet. Do you regulate how your employees use their work computers? Should you? Can you? The answers to these questions are complicated, but they are vital to your business’s success; even a small business can lose over a thousand dollars a minute when its […]

If you want to use your IT staff most effectively, sooner rather than later you should be considering a move to the cloud with Office 365. Smaller businesses in particular can really profit from leveraging the research and development of this Microsoft designed solution to reduce or eliminate the amount of pressure on a small […]

Many SMBs and corporations have shied away from allowing or using Android devices in the workplace because of possible security risks. Most of the security risks involved are related to the open development nature of the system, which allows hackers easier access to the OS and makes it easier for them to get their malware […]

With the growing amount of data which every company generates today, most of which is being saved on computers, on servers and in the cloud, it’s no wonder you may be concerned about how to ensure that this valuable information is safe and secure. Hard copies are no longer something that companies care to print […]

Advances in technology are revising notions of what the typical workplace looks like. Once a central location where management and staff gathered daily to plan and complete the tasks of the business, the office has become a much more fluid concept as companies permit employees to work remotely. Today’s workers can call their homes, vacation […]

The potential for a system failure of a business’s digital storage system weighs heavily on many IT professionals. Your data storage system is vulnerable to a number of different disasters, ranging from physical destruction like floods and fires, to website hosting issues and employee mistakes or omissions. A loss of data can be a catastrophe […]

There was a time when all your phone did was make calls, but it today’s world it is so much more. Smartphones let text, send email, surf the web, play games and even create documents. These small handheld computers have replaced our old, basic phones and have slowly woven themselves into almost every aspect of […]

Telecommuters are some of the most valuable employees in your organization. Not only do they often make face-to-face contact with corporate branches and clients, they have a real world sense of the business environment in a number of locations. Because these employees are extensions of the company, equipping them with the essential tools to make […]