It’s true that social media and mobile marketing campaigns are, in fact, gaining tons of traction. However, email marketing is not only still relevant—it’s still effective and a popular channel to get the word out. In fact, it may still be the most effective way to acquire new customers—when you rethink the emails you’re sending. […]

We’ve all been there. We fire off a text to someone before we realize we have either mistyped a word, or the built-in autocorrect features have decided we meant to say something entirely different without regard for how potentially embarrassing its changes may be. Entire sites have been built around these embarrassing, yet hilarious typos […]

Hundreds of companies have rebranded successfully, and thousands more have not. However, a proper rebranding can make all the difference for a company. In some cases, it can mean more profit, or even company survival. However, it’s essential to know when it’s time to rebrand and when it may be a bad idea. Here are […]

How well do you actually listen to your customers?  It’s not enough in this day and age to make a decent product, pay for some advertising to attract eyeballs and ship the product out the door.  If that’s where you are as a businessperson, then odds are you’ll be acquired by a competitor before long. […]

Though many of us take the employee handbook for granted, a well-written and up-to-date handbook is a great tool for both a company and its employees and should be properly maintained and referred to on a regular basis to ensure that all company policies are being followed. Benefits of an Employee Handbook The employee handbook […]

Nothing can make an IT manager cringe more than the mention of the phrase “Shadow Tech.” In an age when new software and hardware are released every day, it can be quite difficult for IT departments to maintain control of the business networks they have been charged with overseeing. Employees, in most cases, don’t understand […]

From a business perspective, Twitter is all about gathering a following. The more people following your account, the larger your potential audience for business, which is what you need to be successful. Business-oriented Twitter accounts are becoming more and more popular every day, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t get started yourself. That said, a […]

If you work in an environment with creative people and they have the room to think for more than ten minutes a day, you’re probably going to see more than your fair share of great ideas. Sometimes these ideas are so powerful that it can be hard to resist them. However, even excellent ideas can […]

Pinterest may not seem like it would be a very good business tool. After all, isn’t it more for DIY projects and tasty looking recipes? While those things are definitely prevalent on the pinning site, you can still make a solid representation of your brand here. While most trending “pins” are food, interior design, and […]

If you’ve ever been to a conference of any sort, you probably know what we’re talking about when we say “boring.” A good number of people give speeches and presentations their best shot, but sometimes their best just isn’t all that great. Witnessing a lackluster speech is sometimes worse than a root canal (at least […]