The FCC is mulling over some new rules that could add a wrinkle to any travel plans you might be making. The new rule would require that airlines inform customers up front, before a ticket purchase is made, if they allow Wi-Fi phone calls onboard the plane. It has been a longstanding policy not to […]

If you own a Mac AirPort Wireless Router, then it will probably be your last one. The company has recently pulled the plug on further development of their router line, and will stop the manufacture and sale of them going forward. This is hardly bad news, nor a sign that the company is any sort […]

If you’re looking to buy an SSD to replace your older, slower, spinning disk bulk storage, now is the time to buy. In recent months, the price of SSD technology has been falling, which has caused more widespread adoption, especially in laptops. This has created an imbalance and resulted in shortages. Laptop manufacturers are struggling […]

It’s official. The almost complete lack of security in the Internet of Things can kill you. Researchers operating out of the University of Birmingham working in cooperation with fellow researchers in Belgium have recently published the results of an intensive study which revealed critical vulnerabilities in ten different “smart” medical devices so far, all of […]

Chrome 55 has officially been released, and with its roll-out, the aging, security-ridden Flash Player takes another step closer to the dust bin of history. The internet unquestionably benefited greatly from Flash back in the early days. It was a transformative technology that allowed websites to display graphics more effectively, and gave WebMasters the ability […]

If you haven’t heard of AirDroid, you should check into it, because it’s an amazing app. You may want to wait a couple of weeks before actually installing it, however, because security firm Zimperium has found a number of critical vulnerabilities in the app that puts anyone who uses it at risk. Created by Sand […]

Do you use DailyMotion to help get the word out about your company’s brand? It’s a wildly popular video sharing site, and unfortunately, it’s the latest victim in a long list of high-profile hacks in 2016. LeakedSource, a company that tracks hacks and data breaches across the web, recently acquired more than 80 million DailyMotion […]

Internet Security Researcher and Programmer Samy Kamkar has some seriously bad news for you and your company. He recently released a devastating proof of concept attack that can target pretty much every device on the web today and take a high degree of control over them. Even worse, he designed his proof of concept using […]

There’s a new form of ransomware making its way through the internet ecosystem called Kangaroo. The software shows traces of having been developed by the same group of hackers responsible for other malware titles such as “Apocalypse Ransomware,” “Esmeralda,” and “Fabiansomware,” but it uses a different attack vector. The other forms of malware mentioned above […]