DEADLINE PASSED: Is Your Company GDPR Compliant?

Effective May 25th 2018, all companies dealing with international data transfers are subject to the compliance regulations set out under the GDPR by the EU.

Are you confused about the complexities of compliance?
Or maybe you’re not sure if you’re fully compliant or not? Nexus IT is here to help.

It’s Well Past May… Have You Ensured Compliance in Terms of How You Process and Transmit International Business Data?

All companies must take adequate measures to ensure the personal information of their EU clients is secure and confidential. There are HUGE penalties and fines awaiting those who have not ensured compliance.

Do you do any of the following when it comes to residents in the EU…

  • Collect data from
  • Advertise to
  • Sell products and/or services to

If so, you MUST be compliant with GDPR standards. Even if you’re simply sending newsletters to someone from the EU, you’re required to comply with regulations.

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Compliance is difficult, we get that. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused, we’re here to help you make sense of your compliance responsibilities.

Here are the top three things you need to know about GDPR compliance:

  1. What constitutes personally identifiable information (PII) has been expanded: Under the GDPR, user’s IP addresses and cookie data are considered to be as sensitive as the usual names, addresses, and social insurance numbers. All data collected must be subject to strict security protocols.
  2. The data protected is much more extensive than before: In addition to IP data and personal information, you must protect health and genetic data, political opinions, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, and any other information solicited or given.
  3. Regulations include vague, misleading wording that leaves room for error: This is often the most difficult part of ensuring compliance. For example, the GDPR states that “reasonable” levels of data protection must be in place, but there is no definition of what “reasonable” looks like.

Nexus IT is here to help you ensure GDPR compliance. This is a serious matter and it’s important to go straight to the professionals. Schedule a GDPR compliance audit now. Fill out the form or call (435) 659-2533 or to book yours today.