By now I’m sure you’re no stranger to cybercrime. Even if your business has been lucky enough to have avoided winding up in a hacker’s crosshairs so far, it’s guaranteed you know of another business or two that hasn’t been so lucky.

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The last thing you want is to fall victim to a cyber attack.
Take A Peek Behind The Scenes And Learn How Effective Cybersecurity Works.

Nexus IT Consultants wants to show you everything we’ve learned over the years about how best to protect your business against a range of dangerous cyber threats.

Sponsored by Sophos and NowCFO, this “Hacking the Hacker” presentation will give attendees a thorough look at how effective cybersecurity measures work in a business setting to keep hackers out of your system and network. You’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize common cyber threats
  • Use cybersecurity measures to your business’ advantage
  • Train your employees to be a cybersecurity asset
  • Take control of your system and network security

Cybercrime is a very real threat to businesses of all sizes. Learn how to defend yours with a lesson from the experts at Nexus IT.

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