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Even if your business has been lucky enough to avoid winding up the victim of a cybercrime until now, that luck won't last forever. Hackers are getting sneakier and savvier, which means trouble for your business.

Take A Peek Behind The Scenes And Learn How Effective Cybersecurity Works.

Join Nexus IT on April 25th at 8:00 AM for our Hacking the Hacker: Executive Breakfast and Learn Event.

Fill out the quick form to the right to register, and reserve your space while there are still a few available!

In partnership with Hatch Insurance Group, Nexus IT is following up our highly successful December 2017 event with a another look at hacker behavior and tactics, and the resources and tools available to protect your business against a cybercriminal's best efforts.

Join us on April 25th at 8:00 AM at the Jeremy Ranch Country Club.

As a thank you for attending, we will be giving away a tablet as a door prize! Other prizes will be given out as well!


Attendees will get a thorough look at how effective cybersecurity measures work in a business setting to keep hackers out of your system and network. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Who is attacking my organization
  • How are they attacking me
  • What to do if I suffer a breach or infection
  • 16 Steps to secure and protect your organization against Cybercrime
  • The Human Exploit (Social Engineering) – The #1 Most Successful Hacking Vector
  • How to spot and avoid the most common social engineering tactics
  • Cyber Insurance fundamentals, and how to select the best policy for your business

We will also be discussing - and offering discounts on - cutting-edge ransomware defense products designed to ensure you never pay another ransom again. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you can lower your risk factor when negotiating a Cyber Insurance premium.

Cybercrime is a very real threat to businesses of all sizes. Learn how to defend yours with a lesson from the experts at Nexus IT and Hatch Insurance Group.

PLEASE NOTE: This will be a catered event. Please advise us if you will no longer be able to attend.

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