Now with 20 years in business, the Nexus IT Consultants team thought it would be a good opportunity to talk to one of our most valued clients about what they believe makes us so successful.

Franson Civil Engineers provides consulting services for organizations undertaking any sort of water resource and infrastructure design; anything from pipelines and dams to reservoirs and irrigation systems. Essentially, if it delivers drinking or secondary water to residents, Franson Civil Engineers can provide expert consulting.

Kevin Franson is an old friend of Nexus IT Consultant’s very own Earl Foote – they’ve known each other since the ‘90s. Franson Civil Engineers was founded in 1989; its members at that time were made up of a couple of retired US Bureau of Reclamation workers. One of the founding members was Kevin’s father, Jay Franson.

Kevin and Earl met each other while performing some religious service in Boston, MA. However, it wasn’t until later, at a reunion for the group, that Kevin found out about Earl’s line of work.

Up until that point, Kevin and the Franson Civil Engineers team had not had much success with IT. They had previously had a son of a staff member provide unofficial support as needed throughout their early years. Later, they had tried some outsourced options but weren’t getting the responsiveness they wanted.

Choosing Nexus IT Consultants for Responsive, Effective Support

“We needed to get this outsourced to somebody,” says Kevin Franson. “We hadn’t had a lot of success with responsiveness using other providers. We would get signed up, then feel like the sales guy went away and the IT support was marginal.”

And so, eight years ago, Kevin and Franson Civil Engineers decided to give Nexus IT Consultants a try, and we have been with them ever since. Kevin has been so impressed with how engaged and committed the Nexus IT Consultants team is to his business’ success. Despite the challenges that come with an outsourced service model, Nexus has made it work for Franson Civil Engineers.

“They have done a great job,” says Kevin. “I would say that they’ve been around this long because they have shown a sincere desire to create the right kind of IT outsourcing system and structure.”

He continues. “There are some inherent flaws in trying to have someone else take care of it. I might have an employee out there who has zero computer experience, and so when they call into a support place, they’ll need a lot of help. I believe that Nexus has seized that challenge and is working on it to get the right solution.”

A Seamless Expansion To A Second Office

Nexus IT Consultants has also helped Franson Civil Engineers to expand their business. Over their nearly thirty years in business, Franson Civil Engineers have always worked out of a single business location.

They may have moved from office to office a few times over the past three decades, but it was only last year when they decided to open up a second location in Logan, Utah. The Nexus IT Consultants team has ensured that their expansion was a smooth process.

“They have also been very good about helping us make decisions on what’s necessary to run the two offices so their operations can be seamless,” says Kevin. “As technology improves and continues to develop, they’re helping us use the best solution for our needs. As an engineering firm, we deal with some very high-end drawings and file sizes. Nexus has always been dedicated to making sure we have the necessary requirements. There’s no question that we will consistently have properly designed and sized IT equipment.”

Providing Unparalleled Support For Whatever They Need

Kevin and the Franson Civil Engineers team are also grateful for the excellent customer service they receive from Nexus. They know that our team is committed to communicating effectively and regularly, ensuring that they’re kept aware of necessary upcoming IT work.

“We’ve done technology refreshes every three years, where we cycle out the old desktops and servers,” says Kevin. “That’s helped in the performance of the system as a whole.”

Even when there isn’t a big project like a technology refresh to take care of, the Nexus IT Consultants team is there to ensure everything runs smoothly. Whether it’s a printer installation or onboarding a new employee that needs login credentials and a new desktop, we are there for Franson Civil Engineers.

Valued clients like Franson Civil Engineers offer a unique perspective on what has really helped us excel in business for two decades now. It’s not just about the service we offer or the technologies we use – it’s about the quality of our customer service and the commitment we have made to those we work with.

For more information about the work Nexus IT Consultants does for businesses like Franson Civil Engineers and the services we offer, get in touch with us right away at (435) 659-2533 or  or email us at .