What IT Services Does Nexus IT Provide for Event Venues?

The event planning realm is becoming more competitive than ever before, which means event venues need to be ahead of the game in terms of innovation. Wireless connectivity plays a huge role in our lives – both personally and professionally. Think about it… We bring our mobile devices virtually everywhere, even when we’re attending concerts, football games, and other events. Despite the serious demand for high-performance wireless connectivity, many event venues are lacking due to a lack of strategic planning and well-designed network implementation.

Nexus IT can help with IT services for event venues throughout Northern Utah and across the country. We’ve been working with event venues since 1998 – helping them keep their customers happy with wireless connectivity that promotes greater engagement (and more marketing opportunities!)

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to an event and realizing the wireless connection is lackluster. But this happens all too often – typically because event venues fail to plan for the sheer volume of people who will be connecting to the wireless network. There are many ways having an expertly designed and configured network can greatly improve the outcome of events – allowing you to:

  • Leverage media-rich content, such as video streaming, live-polling or quizzing to make events more interactive.
  • Track guest activity to gather valuable data that can be used for better marketing insight later on.
  • Market direct to your guests while they are in your venue with special offers, apps, SMS and more.
  • Accommodate multiple speakers and/or presenters with uninterrupted internet access that allows them to engage the audience.
  • Protect any confidential information, such as guest login credentials or banking information stored, against hackers.

We’re able to help you design and configure a network that supports an immersive guest experience while giving you greater insight into visitor behavior – helping you market more effectively to ensure return visits. Our IT services for event venues include:

  • Design and configuration of a wireless network that meets the unique requirements of your venue in terms of bandwidth, speed, and performance.
  • Assistance with procuring and integrating the right systems, such as event management software, cloud-based storage, and more while staying within your budget.
  • Monitoring around-the-clock to prevent any technology issues from resulting in downtime that leaves you unable to serve your customers.
  • Securing your network with firewalls, anti-virus software, web-content filtering, and more to keep your customer data safe against unauthorized access.
  • Taking care of ongoing maintenance and support, including updates, upgrades, and other important measures to ensure a smooth-running environment.
  • And much, much more depending on your unique technology requirements, goals, and objectives.

Call to take advantage of our IT services for event venues throughout Northern Utah.