IT Services for Educational Institutions Throughout Northern Utah

Technology is disruptive for virtually all industries, but educational institutions in particular tend to struggle with managing the complexity of technology – from teaching to budgeting to learning and everything in between – technology is powerful when it comes to giving students an exemplary education, there’s no doubt about that. But there are challenges involved, and for most schools, it’s difficult to find the resources, manpower, and budget to adopt and manage the right mix of technologies.

Nexus IT offers IT services for educational institutions looking to adopt and manage the right mix of technologies without dealing with the added challenges that impact teaching, budgeting, and learning. 

Although many schools expect their teachers to assist with integrating new technologies into their classrooms, a lot of teachers struggle due to a lack of understanding or knowledge of these technologies. Sure, innovation is great, especially when it benefits students who are living in and preparing to work in a technology-dependent world. But there is typically comfort with the status quo that makes it difficult to embrace innovation.

That’s where our team comes in. We’re familiar with the unique requirements of educational institutions – allowing us to help you through the following:

  • Embracing multi-media in the curriculum as we implement, configure, and support innovative technologies, such as smart boards, within classrooms.
  • Designing a network that ensures enough bandwidth is available for each classroom to ensure students can work productively when necessary.
  • Implementing comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance solutions, such as anti-virus software, firewalls, etc. to secure the network against attacks.
  • Ensuring digital accessibility for disabled students who require support for screen readers, screen enlargement applications, and more.

We provide managed IT services wherein we offer the critical services and hyper-responsive technology support you need at a flat-rate monthly fee – making it an affordable option for schools operating on a limited budget that still want to embrace innovation.

Nexus IT offers IT services for educational institutions throughout Northern Utah. Let’s bring your school up-to-speed, embracing innovation to better teach students according to the curriculum. Call .