Reliable Non-Profit IT Support to Help You Serve Better Than Ever Before

When your Utah-based nonprofit is trying to succeed in a profit-focused world, technology can be the difference between empowering work and always playing catch up. Your organization needs secure and simple IT solutions that will help you take advantage of everything the tech world has to offer. Partnering with Nexus IT can help you do just that.

Challenges Nonprofit Organizations Face:

  • Limited staff capacity for IT support
  • A need for secure and reliable systems that can power mission-critical work
  • Easy access to the latest technologies and tools
  • Smaller budgets
  • Public scrutiny
  • Advanced cybersecurity to protect members’ data
  • Nexus IT – Strategic Nonprofit IT Solutions for You

To support your mission and the people you’re trying to help, you have to go beyond a good wifi connection. After getting to know exactly what your organization needs to succeed in reaching your goals, Nexus IT can offer:

  • 24/7 helpdesk IT support to ensure that all your staff and volunteers can get assistance quickly when they need it
  • Secure Cloud solutions for reliable data storage and backup, as well as access to the latest software platforms and applications
  • IT security systems that protect your network from hackers and viruses, keeping your data safe from the growing cyber threat landscape
  • Strategic guidance and IT consulting for finding the technology solutions that are right for your organization, whether you’re a small local charity or a global nonprofit

As a nonprofit, you’re doing amazing work. With Nexus IT’s help, you can take full advantage of all the technology has to offer and reach even more people in need.

How We Do Nonprofit IT Support Differently

Your organization’s needs aren’t the same as a for-profit, which means we want to help you differently.

Flexible Pricing Plans

With limited resources, your budget is always a top concern. We offer flexible and fixed pricing plans, so you can find one that fits your needs without worrying about overspending.

Software & Hardware Discounts

We work with a wide range of vendors and suppliers to help you find the best products at the most competitive prices.

IT Consulting

IT is so much more than just fixing computers. We want to help you create a self-sustaining IT system that will support your mission for years to come.

1-Minute Ticket Response Time

Your issues will be addressed in a minute or less and we strive to complete your requests within 30 minutes. Time is money, and we want to help you save both.

Better Nonprofit IT Support With Nexus IT

When your managed service provider is focused on you and your mission, technology can be a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block. Nonprofit IT support designed with your mission in mind can help you focus on the work that truly matters.
Our dedication to helping nonprofits is evident in our own community involvement and we’d love to extend that support to you. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how we can help your organization!


Nexus IT specializes in providing IT services for Non-Profits throughout Northern Utah. Call to learn more.