When keeping everything within your network is important for security, efficiency and cost savings, a point to point or point to multipoint wireless link is the solution.

Companies across the country use these technologies every day to communicate and collaborate within a secured wireless network.

But the advantages of these wireless links are not limited to their ability to be secured.

Have a situation where a hardwired solution is either impossible, unsightly, or disruptive?

In these situations, a point to point or point to multipoint wireless link solution gives a company like yours the benefits of full WiFi access at another point on your property without the downside of running wires to connect to your in-house network.

Need to wirelessly link to buildings off property?

Not a problem! We can use wireless links to connect to remote buildings up to 100+ miles away – allowing you to utilize your network’s settings, applications, and files from that offsite location.

Looking to save money on remote office internet connection?

Point to point or point to multipoint wireless links can be leveraged to replace expensive monthly internet connections for connecting your remote offices! Utilize full-function internet without the added cost of another monthly internet connectivity bill!

So whether you need to have the security offered by integration with a single network or you need to overcome obstacles presented by the setup of your facility, is the professional WiFi installation team you need to have on your side!

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