By converting costly capital investments of infrastructure into fixed, monthly operating expenses.

Knowing what kind of technology you need, and being able to afford it all at once are two completely different things – allow Nexus IT Consultants and Lease Corp. to help you out.


Modern IT environments are multi-faceted, constantly require updates, and are often inordinately expensive. However, choosing to save money instead of investing in the IT you need to do your work isn’t a viable option either, is it?

Here are the facts:

You need technology to do your work.

You (and many others in your position) simply can’t afford the capital required to pay for it all up front.

The good news? You don’t have to.

With Nexus IT Consultants’ ITaaS (IT as a Service) Programs, You Can Procure All The IT Products and Services You Need To Be Successful In A Low, Fixed Monthly Subscription Model.

Nexus IT Consultants’ ITaaS Programs offer budget-friendly options for organizations who prefer fixed monthly operating expenses over large capital investments. Or those who need to defer the costs of IT Infrastructure over a period of time. With Nexus IT ITaaS, you can:

  • Distribute the cost of IT infrastructure and services over 36 – 60-month terms
  • Automatically refresh ALL of your IT technology every 36 – 60 month at NO additional cost to your organization
  • Avoid any effect on your banking and credit lines
  • Get quotes and apply online right now

Stop struggling to get your work done with old, unrelaible IT Systems – click here to invest in your organization’s future by leasing your equipment through Nexus IT today.

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