Nexus CEO Earl Foote Talks Analog Leadership On Today’s Top Leaders

As the business world becomes more digitized, it can be easy to lose sight of a company’s most important resource: people. No matter the benefits offered by a given new technology, there’s no denying the ROI you get when you spend time fostering the development and engagement of your staff.

That’s what Jen Anderson and Earl Foote talked about in this episode of the Today’s Top Leaders podcast. Check out the first installment of the interview here:

Over the course of this first part of the interview, Earl and Jen talked about a range of topics, from his favorite movies and TV shows as a child, to how technology has changed between then and now. In particular, they discussed the way an “analog” mindset can be of benefit in an increasingly digital world.

“As we observe the way that we’ve evolved as a society, I think we’re seeing a movement in the right direction,” says Earl. “There are thoughtful, engaged, and mindful leaders that are putting a focus on people.”

This is a critical part of operating effectively in a modern business setting. The right application of the right technology won’t be a substitute for investing time and energy in your team.

“I think there’s a lot of very iconic people in our society that in my opinion, don’t necessarily take the stewardship of their position with adequate gravity,” says Earl. “I feel that we have an obligation, when you’re in a leadership position, to see how you can positively impact humanity.”

Earl believes that this outlook can be nurtured by leaders through their commitment to improvement and accountability. For example, Nexus IT Consultants uses an anonymous feedback system as a mechanism to improve all aspects of the company, including Earl himself.

“The first thing for effective leaders is to be open-minded,” says Earl. “Get open feedback from people, and don’t be offended by it.”

To learn more, make sure to check out the full interview from Today’s Top Leaders above.