Nexus IT Consultants Helps Organization In Salt Lake City Out Of A Bad IT Relationship

Do you know when it’s time to move on to another IT company? Consider the signs below, and think carefully about whether it’s the right time to make a change — just like this organization in Salt Lake City did.

Better the devil you know than the one you don’t, right? At least, that’s what they say.

Often, when it comes to your IT company in Salt Lake City, the assumption is that if you’ve worked with one company, you’ve worked with them all. If you’re not satisfied with the one you currently have, it’s probably not worth the time and effort it’ll take to find a new one. You’ll just encounter the same problems.

But really, this is a rather extreme assumption to make. As with any market, how could you expect the many, many options available to you to be the same?

The fact is that not all IT companies are created equal. By investing a little of your time in order to consider the options in your area, you can find the best option available to you.

That’s precisely why this Salt Lake City business recently reached out to the Nexus IT Consultants team on our website’s 24/7 chat feature:

“We have been using another IT company and have been very unhappy with their service.”

We immediately followed up with this company to arrange a meeting with the CEO and find out more about their needs, and to explore how we could serve them.

How Did This Salt Lake City Company Know They Needed A New IT Company?

There are plenty of red flags that will tell you that you need a new IT company:

  1. You Can’t Work: Whether it’s a slow server that won’t let you access shared company files or a buggy email client that leaves you unsure of whether your messages are actually being sent, when your computers aren’t working, you’re not working.
  2. You’re Waiting Days For Fixes: Every minute you or your staff can’t work because of an IT problem is a direct waste of your time and money. If your IT support isn’t responsive and prompt, then it’s not effective, simple as that.
  3. You’re Paying For Short-Term Fixes: Even if you don’t have to wait long to get a technician on-site, it’s not worth much to you if they just have to come back in a few days. Ineffective IT support often means applying a “band-aid” solution that doesn’t really get to the root of the problem.  The problem is that while the hardware may work when you get it back from them, there’s no guarantee it’ll last for long. That means there’s no way of knowing how quickly you’ll have to call them again to come back and do the same thing.
  4. Your Customers Are Unhappy: If you can’t work as quickly or as effectively as you should be, it’s only a matter of time before that affects your customers’ experience. And there’s nothing worse than having to face an angry customer and tell them you can’t help them because your computers aren’t working.
  5. Your Employees Are Unhappy: IT user experience is a big part of business culture these days. If your staff feels like they’re fighting against their computers in order to get their work done, morale will plummet. Staff members will get the impression that you don’t really care about them getting their work done. After all, if you did, wouldn’t you invest more in the tools they rely on every day?

You need the best IT services to thrive, as simple as that. From productivity to security, to communication, to innovative new ways to get work done. IT is at the heart of it all.

Here are the facts: properly chosen technology combined with true expertise can achieve real results for your company. Properly supported hardware will help you streamline operations and increase communication.

Don’t settle for anything less.

Nexus IT Consultants Delivers Salt Lake City IT Support You Can Count On and Be Happy With

If you’re looking for a new IT company like this Salt Lake City company was, all you have to do is get in touch with our team. Our representatives are waiting to respond to your inquiry. Harnessing the IT support you need is up to you.

If you want IT support that will meet the needs of your organization, here’s how to get it:

  1. Get in touch with our team and arrange a free consultation at a time that works for you.
  2. Tell us what you need from your IT and your IT support.
  3. Enjoy the more reliable and responsive IT support you get from our team.