Utah IT Experts Spotlight — Brandon Jeanpierre

Meet Brandon Jeanpierre, Senior Systems Engineer at Nexus IT Consultants.

Brandon Jeanpierre is one of the latest additions to the Nexus IT Consultants team of Utah IT experts. In fact, this is his second time joining the team, and we couldn’t be happier to have him back.

“We’re so happy to have Brandon back,” says Earl Foote, CEO, Nexus IT Consultants.

As a Senior Systems Engineer, Brandon helps our clients design, deploy and maintain robust IT environments. Brandon works with the rest of our team to ensure our clients’ systems are optimized for their specific business needs.

When he’s not on the job, Brandon enjoys shopping, playing guitar, and indulging his meat-eating tendencies.

“Glad to be back, and it’s going great,” says Brandon.

If you haven’t yet, you’ll likely be having a meeting with Brandon soon! Thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know him.