Nexus IT CEO Earl Foote Shares His Top 3 Pieces Of Advice To Business Leaders In 2021

In celebration of over 22 years of service, Earl Foote, CEO of Nexus IT was recently interviewed by Garrett Clark, Director of Operations at Silicon Slopes for January 18, 2021, Silicon Slopes Breakfast event, presented by Wells Fargo.

During the talk, Clark and Foote walked through a series of topics including the history of Nexus IT, Foote’s take on the current state of IT, his thoughts on what it takes to be a business leader in 2021, travel, hobbies, and the creative benefits of finding good work and life balance.

You can find the full conversation on YouTube. Here are the three most important takeaways from Foote for business leaders in 2021.

Figure Out Ways To Thrive

As a business leader, you face different challenges than most people do on a daily basis. Finding a way to thrive against uncertainty is so hard that Forbes lists it as #3 in 15 Challenges You’ll Face As A Modern CEO (And How To Solve Them). Here’s what Foote has to say about his company last year and working with chaos:

“We saw businesses and business leaders just kind of folding to the circumstances and basically throwing their arms in the air and saying, this is what’s happening. We decided that wasn’t going to be our posture. We’re going to thrive and figure out a way to hit our goals. Which we did.”

Remain Positive

It can be hard, especially as an entrepreneur to continually remain positive. But the more you can practice positivity in your life, and in your business, the more successful you’ll be. It just happens. And while it’s one thing to read about positivity in Entrepreneurship. Foote has actually experienced the benefits of positive thinking. Here’s what he has to say:

“There are so many things going on around us and obviously we’re barraged by the media day in and day out. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and feel negative. I think, in order to thrive as a business, you have to thrive as an individual. You have to find a way to remain positive and believe in your vision and continue to plug forward on that.”

Take IT Seriously

There are so many things you have to focus on every day as a business leader and IT is one of those to-do’s that often gets continually pushed down the list. Until there’s a crisis. It could be a data breach, huge file loss, or hacker negotiation. Whatever the hypothetical, Foote has seen it all play out in real life:

“I understand the challenges… where your focus goes as a business leader when you’re concentrating on growth, revenue, and profits. Oftentimes IT, and particularly IT Security takes a back seat. They don’t take it seriously and it ends up biting them in the rear.”

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