HelpDesk & IT Experts Spotlight—Cade Johnson

Meet Cade Johnson, Tier 1 HelpDesk Engineer at Nexus IT Consultants.

Cade Johnson is one of the latest additions to the Nexus IT Consultants team of Utah IT experts.

In his role as a Tier 1 HelpDesk Engineer, Cade has already received extensive positive feedback from our clients. He has shown an immediate commitment to the problem-solving process, helping our clients to quickly eliminate issues and get back to work.

“He’s been an awesome addition to the team,” says Earl Foote, CEO, Nexus IT Consultants. “He’s so good at taking care of our clients, and he’s so quick in doing it.”

Hailing originally from California, Cade is an automotive enthusiast and all-around IT nerd. Both on the job and off, he is imminently interested in the world of business technology and how it is changing.

Thanks for taking a few moments to get to know Cade a little better. It’s team members like him that make our staff of Utah IT experts so good at what they do.