Heart and Soul — With a Wealth of Expertise and Experience

This combination makes Nexus IT the ideal choice for an individualized consultation about your company’s unique IT needs.

Superpowers: Cybersecurity and Compliance Guru, Super Connector, Community Builder, Abundance-Minded Leader Extraordinaire

Street Credit: 22 Year Entrepreneurial Career, Civil Engineering Degree, SL Chamber Board of Governors, Former BBB of Utah Board Member

Off-The-Wall Facts: Adventurer, World-Wanderer, Musician (I play in a rock band), Foodie, Chef, Meditation/Yoga Practitioner, Lover of Nature

Earl Foote

Founder and CEO

Super Powers: ConnectWise Admin, Office 365, IT Security

Street Cred: Bachelors of Science in Economics, 8 Years at Nexus IT

Off-The-Wall Facts: I love movies! Check out my Letterboxd: https://letterboxd.com/Slubadubs/

Dustin Davis

The Superhero Director of Operations at Nexus IT!

Super Powers: Seasoned IT Salesperson who values Relationships and Partnerships. Loyal to a fault.

Street Cred: 20+ years of Sales and Sales Management Experience. Highly trained and certified sales professional.

Off-The-Wall Facts: I was born right handed but now have 9.5 fingers, so now, am left handed!

Travis Gunn

VP of Business Relationships and Sales

Superpowers: Creating beautiful, lively events all year long!

Street Cred: 5+ years of Executive Assistant experience

Off-The-Wall Facts: I was named after Anikan SkyWalker (yes, really!)

Anica Huddleston

Executive Assistant, Project/Office Manager, and Event Planner

Superpowers: Customer service. She loves meeting new people and being able to help others in anyway that she can!

Street Credit: 6+ years of customer service experience.

Off-The-Wall Facts: I love fashion and am very passionate about it. The first tattoo I ever got is of one of my favorite high end brands, Comme Des Garcons.

Stephanie Sandoval

Dispatch and Service Coordinator

Super Powers: Client on-boarding concierge, RMM and automation expert, project planning and organization, endpoint security administrator

Street Creds: Sophos Central Endpoint and Server Architect, Kaseya VSA Certified Administrator, Email Security Administrator, currently working on Network+

Off-The-Wall Facts: Avid advocate of maintaining mental health. Especially through outdoor recreation including climbing, hiking, skiing, and backpacking.

Brock Arveseth

Onboarding Specialist

Super Powers: Documentation and Organization, Cool Headed Trouble Shooting, Customer Approval Achiever, Virtual Machine Crafter, and Future Vision.

Street Cred: Nine years of IT help desk experience with four years of System Administration, backed by a lifetime of customer satisfaction experience and team based exercises.

Off-The-Wall Facts: Despite going many times has not once caught a fish, still regrets the day he missed a Hole-in-One in golf by inches, and is a space enthusiast.

Donavon Persch

Weekend and tier 1 tech

Casey Lunceford

Senior Network Engineer

Diogo Fonseca

Internal Team Lead

Erick Cabrera

Business Technology Consultant

Asad Mo

Senior Network Engineer

JD Briscoe

Business Technology Consultant

Niels Clark

Senior Network Engineer

Super Powers: Seeing and amplifying the superpowers in others

Street Cred: Awarded ‘Most Powerful Woman in Banking’ at 21 years old

Off-The-Wall Facts: I’ve had brain surgery and made the best Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween that year!

Tara Anderson

Business Solutions Advisor