Chicago IT Company Partners with Nexus To Provide On-Site IT Support for a Salt Lake City Business in 2021

A Chicago IT provider was looking for a way to provide on-site support for one of their remote clients in Salt Lake City, Utah. They were looking for a team of local professionals who could provide in-person support to their client whenever it was required. The leadership team from this Chicago IT company reached out to Nexus IT Consultants and it wasn’t long before we came together to create a robust support partnership to assist this Salt Lake City business.

Nexus Helps Chicago IT Provider By Offering On-Site IT Support to a Remote Salt Lake City Client

Our team got an interesting request recently. A Chicago IT provider reached out to our team to inquire about whether or not we provided on-site IT support in Salt Lake City, Utah. This Chicago IT company currently provided remote IT support to a Salt Lake City business and they were hoping to partner with a team of IT specialists local to Utah who could provide in-person, on-site IT support for their client whenever it was required.

We have to say – this isn’t the usual service request we receive, but we were immediately impressed by the innovation and client-focused approach this Chicago IT company demonstrated. They wanted to ensure they were providing the highest levels of service and support to their Salt Lake City client, and they had taken the time to reach out to a Salt Lake City IT provider to develop a more robust approach to supporting their client.

The truth of the matter is, the business environment is becoming more modernized every day. IT support providers are constantly developing new and innovative ways to support business clients locally and remotely. In some cases, a two-pronged support approach is required. For instance, while a business might enlist a remote IT provider to provide day-to-day systems monitoring, maintenance, and management, there might be specific times where on-site support is required, which is often impossible for IT providers who are several cities or states away.

That’s why we were happy to inform this Chicago IT provider that we have extensive experience providing customized on-site IT support for Salt Lake City businesses and organizations. We also explained that we would be happy to join forces with another team of IT professionals in the effort to provide reliable and robust support to a local business. We knew that our team of Utah IT specialists had what it took and we were eager to partner with a Chicago IT provider that took client service so seriously.

In light of our new partnership with this Chicago IT firm, we thought we would share our experience. We want to breakdown what kind of partnership they were looking for and how we worked together to create a reliable IT support strategy for their Salt Lake City client. We hope that our experience partnering with this Chicago IT provider will inspire other remote IT providers to reach out to Nexus if they require on-site support for Salt Lake City clients.

Cross-National IT Support Partnership: Here’s Why This Chicago IT Provider Needed Help From Nexus

The great thing about the request we received from this Chicago IT provider is that we knew from the start we spoke the same language. This organization is a long-tenured IT support provider and they share much of the same experience and expertise as our team. From the very start, our teams felt connected and we knew that we could help them provide the on-site support their Salt Lake City client required.

They explained to us that their request was not urgent, but that they were trying to plan for the future. They were currently providing a variety of remote managed IT services to a Salt Lake City business, but they wanted to make sure they had planned ahead to secure a solution for on-site support if it was ever needed. Since they were supporting their client from afar, they wanted peace of mind knowing that another trusted and experienced group of IT professionals could get boots on the ground if and when they were required.

Here’s what they were hoping we could provide for their client in Salt Lake City:

  • Initial consultation – First, they wanted to conduct an initial consultation with us to help explain the unique operational needs and service requirements of their Salt Lake City client. They also wanted to know a bit more about our own experience and specializations to ensure that we would be a good fit to provide on-site support as needed.
  • Development of a comprehensive support strategy – Next, they wanted us to work alongside them to develop a comprehensive IT support strategy for this client. They wanted us to assign clear roles and responsibilities, as well as clear policies and protocols about communication, information sharing, and issue resolution. Above all, they wanted us to work together to create a detailed strategy that would eliminate confusion and ensure streamlined support for their client, no matter the circumstances.
  • Reliable on-site support as needed – Once all the initial consultations and strategic planning had been taken care of, they wanted us to guarantee that we could provide reliable and effective on-site technical support for their client whenever it was needed. They wanted to ensure they were partnering with a reliable and strategic team of Salt Lake City IT professionals who could become a trusted support partner for them and their client.
  • Ongoing support partnership – Finally, they wanted us to establish an ongoing support partnership that would help them support not only this client but other potential clients in our area. They were hoping that together, we could establish a cross-national support partnership and even suggested that they could be the on-site support partner for any remote clients we may have in their area. Above all, they wanted us to be working partners that continually focused on supporting each other and each other’s clients.

After they made these initial proposals, we were immediately excited to start working with this organization. We couldn’t wait to learn more about their approach to IT service and support and learn about how we might best support their Salt Lake City client. With our work cut out for us, we got to work scheduling a time to chat and start putting our partnership plans into action.

Boots on The Ground: How Nexus Helped This Chicago IT Company Provide Robust Support to a Remote Client

We have to say, from the very first moment we spoke with this Chicago IT company, we had a feeling this partnership would be a mutually beneficial arrangement. We knew we had the experience and expertise necessary to provide on-site IT support in Salt Lake City and we knew that collaborating with this Chicago company would be the perfect way to provide reliable and top-of-the-line IT support for this Salt Lake City business.

More than anything though, we were eager to learn more. We wanted to know how this Chicago IT company operated and the hallmarks of their approach to client service. We wanted to make sure our business values aligned and that by coming together we could provide entirely new levels of robust and reliable IT support for their client. Since the client was in our neck of the woods and we would be the ones providing face-to-face support, we wanted to be on the same page as this Chicago IT provider so the client could count on a streamlined, consistent, and customized IT support partnership.

Here’s how we helped this Chicago IT provider support their remote client in Salt Lake City:

Initial Consultation with the Chicago IT Provider

We started by scheduling a virtual consultation to have some initial conversations with this team of IT professionals from Chicago. During our initial consultation, we worked to ensure that all parties involved understood what was required and were on the same page about the best way to serve and support this client. We came to the conclusion that both of our organizations held similar service and support values and that we would make an excellent team. Above all, we agreed on the fact that this Salt Lake City business deserved the highest levels of service and support and that by joining forces we could provide them with everything they needed.

Initial Consultation with the Salt Lake City Client

Once we had conducted an initial consultation with the Chicago IT provider, we decided it would be a good idea to meet with the client as well. We organized a virtual consultation where the Chicago IT provider introduced us to their client so we could get to know their operational needs and business goals a bit better. We had the chance to learn about the hardware and software this organization relied on and how they used those resources to support their operations and business missions. They also had the chance to learn about us, our approach to service, and our commitment to providing on-site support whenever they needed it. We also made sure to let them know that our team and the Chicago team would always be working together to support them and that we would streamline our collaboration behind the scenes so they were never confused about who to reach out to for help.

Development of a Comprehensive IT Support Strategy

As soon as we had a chance to get to know the Chicago IT provider and their remote Salt Lake City client, we got to work on developing a customized IT support strategy. We worked closely with the team of Chicago IT professionals to outline all the different elements of our partnership. The IT support strategy we developed included clearly defined roles and responsibilities regarding remote and on-site support. It included specific protocols for reaching out to the right parties when different kinds of support were required. It also included policies about information sharing and the chain of command for reporting, responding to, and resolving IT issues. We also included a collection of our shared service and support values to make sure the entire strategic document was entirely client-focused.

On-Demand On-site IT Support

Once our strategic partnership was fully in place and we had developed a comprehensive IT support strategy, we were ready to provide on-site support for this Salt Lake City client whenever it was required. They knew they could get in touch with us anytime by letting their Chicago IT provider know that they needed on-site support. We also gave them our helpdesk information so they could reach out to us directly if they needed urgent support. We also made sure they knew that we would remain in constant contact with their remote IT provider in Chicago to make sure everyone was always on the same page about potential issues and the strategies for resolving them.

Long-Term IT Support Partnership

Finally, we committed ourselves to partner with this Chicago IT company in a broader long-term capacity. Both of our leadership teams knew that it was in the best interest of both of our organizations to remain committed to a strategic partnership. Over time, we would be here to support their remote clients in Salt Lake City and they would be there to support our remote clients in Chicago. By establishing a cross-national network of strategic IT support, we would both be better positioned to provide reliable, strategic, and robust support to our local and remote clients.

Does Your IT Company Need On-the-Gound Support in Utah? Nexus Can Help!

Ever since we made the decision to partner with this Chicago IT provider in support of their Salt Lake City client, we’ve received nothing but positive feedback. Our working relationship with the Chicago team of IT professionals has been great and their client in Salt Lake City has peace of mind knowing they can have a team of local IT professionals on-site whenever it’s required. We continue to stay in touch with the Chicago IT provider to discuss new opportunities and innovative ways to mobilize our partnership.

Does your IT company provide remote IT support to clients in Utah? Are you looking for a team of IT professionals that can offer on-site IT support for Utah businesses? Nexus IT Consultants can help you make it happen. We have the experience and expertise necessary to serve as an extension of your managed IT service approach. We love partnering with other client-focused IT providers and believe that strategic partnerships can offer major benefits to both IT providers and clients. If you need a reliable Utah IT provider to offer on-site support to remote clients, Nexus is a click or call away.

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