With technology serving as the cornerstone of almost every type of business these days, it’s possible to employ a workforce that spans the globe. Employees working from home, employees providing support from across the country, employees on the road and staying connected as they go—things that once sounded too good to be true are now commonplace.

Of course, that doesn’t mean having remote employees is easy. Like any kind of major personnel shift, relying on a remote workforce comes with its own challenges. Fortunately, the right kind of technology and IT support can help.

  • Share Secure Data: When all your employees work in one place, you can share information on hard drives, via conversations, or even good, old-fashioned paper files. Remote employees require a central hub of information online that provides the same thing as an office space. A secure network, file-sharing resource, or IT cloud can provide an ideal solution for those who only connect via technology.
  • Easy Collaboration: Just because a team is separated by distance doesn’t mean they also have to be separated in terms of productivity. Although it may take some to figure out what kind of collaboration works best for you (especially if you’re working across time zones), you’ll need the infrastructure in place to make it happen. Managed IT services can help build that infrastructure from the ground-up.
  • Multi-Device Usage: Few people sit at their desktop computers and work a straight 8 hours through anymore. Mobile devices, laptops, smartphones—everyone has their preferred method of communication, and it’s up to you to ensure the software you use is compatible across them all. If you intend to implement a BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Device), Nexus IT can help streamline their usage.
  • Hosted VoIP Service: Verbal communication will still play a large role in your remote team, so you need to think bigger in terms of hosting your phone system. If you upgrade to a cloud-based phone system, your employees can continue using their own devices to connect to your office phone system. Nexus IT offers affordable and reliable hosted VoIP services.
  • Disaster Recovery Policies: One of the biggest threats to a mobile workforce is losing important information. Because you’re entrusting each employee not to lose, damage, or otherwise fail to recover vital company data and updates, there’s a bigger chance for things to go wrong. By implementing a company-wide data protection process, you can ensure that being remote doesn’t mean being unsafe.

We’re always happy to discuss more personalized options with you, as well. Connecting remote employees can save you on overhead and help you build a stronger workforce, but only if they have technology they can rely on. Nexus IT services exist to do just that—no matter where you are located.