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In the process of designing a new building or workspace, project owners often make a critical error—they don’t think about their IT systems until long after the design (and often even construction) has been completed.

Are you about to make the same mistake?

End-To-End Design, Construction & Development Services

Why Should Technology Be Integrated Into Your Design & Construction?

By waiting to get all necessary vendors together on the same page, clients cause unnecessary challenges to the whole process.

When the IT team is brought in late, they have to deal with space limitations, constraints on their wiring and network capabilities, and worse. The fact is that, if a client is going to have more than one vendor work on a project, shouldn’t every vendor be in the loop from the start?

Involving technology and low voltage partners too late in the design and construction process almost always leads to costly redos, change orders, and fixes.  All caused by considerations that are missed at critical moments in the process.

Today’s Smart Buildings need a qualified technology partner to design, implement, and manage integrated systems that work together to achieve the desired outcomes and objectives of your project.

If you’re planning to build a new office or IT environment, make sure you have Nexus IT Consultants on your side from square one,

Nexus IT—Your One-Stop-Shop for:

  • Network and High-Density WiFi
  • Internet Circuits
  • Phone Systems / UCaaS
  • Access Controls
  • Building Controls (HVAC, Lighting, and more)
  • Smart Building Solutions
  • Single-Pane, All-Encompassing Building Management Systems.
  • Audio/Video, Conference Rooms, and more
  • Tenant Apps, Access/Building Controls, and management
  • In-Room Technologies
  • Surveillance
  • Low Voltage Structured Cabling
  • Back-end building systems and management networks

3 Reasons To Let Nexus IT Manage the Technology In Your Next Build Project

Reduce Risks

When you centralize responsibility for the project outcome among all involved vendors, there are far fewer risks posed to the project as a whole.

There’s no need to shift responsibility back and forth between designer and integrator, and everyone’s expertise can be applied to the project from the very start, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Reduce Costs

By streamlining the entire process, you can eliminate the wasted materials and work hours that come with making mistakes and backtracking.

We’ll work with your vendor and contracting teams to ensure that each is acting in everyone’s best interest. By carefully planning out each and every step that will be taken. This reduces downtime, the rate of change orders, and eliminates duplicated or unnecessary work.

Optimize Quality

Success comes down to how long it takes for the project to be completed, whether it’s above or under budget, and whether the end result suits the needs of the client.

All of these factors are easy to control when they’re considered holistically from the very beginning. The project can be built from the drawing board with every possible need and step in mind.

Don’t Make IT An Afterthought In Your Next Project

Ready to hit the ground running with your next project?

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