There is a new virus called CryptoDefense that is making its rounds. This is a very malicious ransom-ware that encrypts all of your computer’s files and those of your servers that you are connected to. It is very difficult to disinfect. It can also infect your backups and if you do not have good backups of these files you have to pay the virus author $700 for a program to decrypt your files.

Please send this notice to all of your employees. Please remember to use safe internet practices to help prevent this virus. If you receive an email with an attachment or a link and you are not 100% confident of its origin and that the sender meant to send it to you, do not open the attachment or link. The same goes for links on webpages, when in doubt, don’t click. Most of the time that is where this type of virus comes from. The below resources on our site will give you additional internet and network security information and suggestions. If you are not sure that your network is secure and your AntiVirus is current, feel free to contact us so we can check for you. However we caution that good network security and good up to date AntiVirus usually will not prevent you from being infected due to careless internet activity, so make sure you and your employees are careful.