There’s no shortage of IT providers in the area.

There’s no shortage of IT providers in the area.

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Cyber security is a hot topic these days – and for good reason.

People have never had more of their lives and personal information tied into technology.

Without security, that technology becomes a vulnerability and a liability.

Companies that become victims of cyber crime are negatively impacted by reputation loss, downtime, and data rebuild costs.

Many times, the company doesn’t survive this added expense and loss of customer confidence and has to close.

It’s sad but true.

What should you do?

Build a castle?

Put in moats?

Put alligators in the moats?

We’re not kidding…

You need some serious cyber-security to thwart the advanced tactics used by cyber-criminals.

Partnering with Nexus IT Consultants will give you the modern equivalent of castles, moats, and alligators.

We will deliver a business technology security solution that we tailor to deal with the unique vulnerabilities of your IT.

Protect your employees, your processes, and your profitability!

Do we do security breach remediation?

Sure we do!

But we’d far rather proactively keep your business safe, than come in to deal with the aftermath of a cyber-intrusion.

The Nexus IT Consultants team are the cyber-security experts that you need on your side from the very beginning.

We provide a wide variety of network security solutions to help your business stay safe while others fail as a result of cyber attack.


Penetration Testing

Employee Education

Managed Security Services


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Unified Threat Management

Security Consulting


Part of the concern for companies like yours is the need to be compliant with government and oversight regulations such as PCI, HIPPA, and SOX.

We know that you don’t want to spend hours a week sitting in front of a computer trying to figure out how to stay compliant.

That’s why we stay on top of these – and other – compliance requirements.

Our team works diligently to keep your business technology aligned with all relevant regulations.

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