CyberCraft Summit Virtual Conference

Nexus IT is the Official Technology and IT Support Partner for this year’s CyberCraft Summit virtual conference. What is the CyberCraft Summit? Learn more and sign up now.

Organizations with network vulnerabilities often fall victim to cybercriminals. Cyberattackers pose a significant threat as they can breach your systems and cause losses, including data loss and financial losses. Massive amounts of sensitive organizational and personal data find its way into scammers’ hands with malicious intent.

Cybercrime continues to grow each day. Cybersecurity ventures predict that it will become more profitable than the trade of all the major illegal drugs combined globally, costing over $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Organizations struggle to contain these scammers. Cybercriminals often change their attack patterns to target companies that do not keep up with their changes.

Are you worried about cybercriminals and fraudsters? Have you been a victim of a cyberattack or fraud?

Clients often ask Nexus IT how they should deal with these threats. Nexus IT provides top IT services and support to organizations in Salt Lake City and across Northern Utah. This article will help you discover how the CyberCraft Summit can help you protect your infrastructure.

Nexus IT Official Technology and IT Support Partner CyberCraft Summit Virtual conference

Nexus IT is the Official Technology and IT Support Partner for the CyberCraft Summit

Nexus IT has been chosen as the Official Technology and IT Support Partner for the CyberCraft Summit virtual conference. Organizers of this year’s event chose us for this role because of our commitment and expertise in the industry.

What Is the CyberCraft Summit?

CyberCraft Summit is a virtual conference that merges the anti-fraud and cybersecurity communities. People often treat these sectors as independent sections, but they have similarities that make combining them smart.

One similarity is that they often involve the same cybercriminals. Perpetrators of fraud and cybersecurity breaches are often the same people, meaning most measures of both sections can work against them. These criminals often cause the same losses — data loss and financial losses.

This year’s virtual summit will take place on October 1st and 2nd. The conference will involve experts as speakers and is free for those that sign up.

Why Should You Attend The CyberCraft Summit?

Benefits of Attending the CyberCraft Summit: You should attend the summit for these reasons.

  • CyberCraft Summit Has a Lineup of Experts: Other conferences on these issues may have marketers on the frontline — people who know how to sell but may not deliver value. The CyberCraft Summit will be different.  Organizers sought speakers that will offer valuable insights. Most of them are senior IT staff in various organizations. You will discover a lot of useful ideas and insights that can help you safeguard your infrastructure from threats.
  • Keep Up-To-Date With Changing Threats and Measures: The speakers are conversant with the changing threats. They will offer essential details that will help you discover these risks and stay ahead of cybercriminals and fraudsters.
  • You Can Land a Job After the Summit: The summit’s organizers target to place attendees with suitable jobs. They will sharpen your skills to enable you to position yourself for employment.

How Do You Register for the CyberCraft Summit? You can register online. The registration process is simple, and there are no fees involved, but slots are available for 1 million people.

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