Salt Lake City Digital Marketing Company Enlists Nexus IT for Cybersecurity Assistance

“I need help figuring out what we should be doing.”

“I don’t know what I don’t know.”

“I know we need more.”

Recently, a chief technology officer with a Salt Lake City advertising firm contacted us for security advice. He’s an expert in software and development but lacks expertise in the infrastructure and security side of technology.

As he thinks about employees returning to the office and the digital assets of his company, he knows that he needs support. As a creative enterprise, his company’s internal files are prized possessions that must be protected.

Shoring Up Cybersecurity is More Critical Than Ever Before

With all the news about local security breaches, including the University of Utah Health’s repeated hacks, he knew that he needed to call in a specialist.

By the way, the health system’s breach was reported in July and compromised the personal data of 10,000 patients. It came on the heels of a widespread phishing attack in April and May that exposed the sensitive information of 2,700 patients. Two months earlier a malware attack allowed access to the personal information of 3,670 patients.


Return to Office Plans Must Include IT Safety Measures

As companies prepare to restart traditional office environments, leaders must protect their assets and data from more threats than ever before. Workers will bring their laptops back to the corporate network after the quick switch to mobile or hybrid work as a response to the global pandemic of COVID-19.

The transition to remote work has extensively broadened every company’s attack surface, and cybercriminals have been quick to seize the advantage,

Distracted home workers have been bombarded with COVID-19-related phishing messages, directing them to fake websites where hackers can steal credentials. As workers return to the office, the bad guys will try to worm their way into corporate networks.

This is the time that all companies need to reevaluate their security models.

Protect Your People and Your Reputation

Nexus IT Consultants will provide advice and help you build a modern-day equivalent of castles, moats and alligators to protect your company’s technological environment.

Nexus IT offers a full suite of cybersecurity services including breach remediation. Our specialists can advise on compliance with government and oversight regulations including PCI, HIPAA and SOX. We also provide penetration testing, employee education, security consulting and unified threat management.

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