Meet Krystal Davis, Director of People, Culture, and DEI at Nexus IT Consultants.

Utah IT Services ProfessionalWe’re excited to share that Krystal Davis, a longtime member of our team, has officially been promoted to the position of Director of People, Culture, and DEI! This is just one of the latest developments on the Nexus IT Consultants team of Utah IT experts.

We’re so excited to see what Krystal does in this new position. Krystal will be managing our HR department, assisting with recruiting, handling performance reviews, and overseeing our employees’ personal and professional development. More than anything else, she will be a champion for our company culture, implementing new initiatives while also being mindful of diversity, equity, and inclusion as our company grows.

“The primary focus of my professional career has always been that I wanted to work to help people in some capacity,” says Krystal. “I think it is so important for an organization to have many voices making leadership decisions whether it be race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and beyond, so I am on a mission to bring more diversity into our company.”

As far back as high school, Krystal was drawn to address the struggles of her fellow peers. She joined the gay-straight alliance initiative to help her peers in any way that she could to make sure they felt valued and heard. Furthermore, as a part of the LatinX community (her mother is Peruvian), she spent many summers in Peru as a child, falling in love with her heritage.

“I think having all the voices can make a big difference in the overall experience for employees in the organization,” says Krystal.

Prior to joining the Nexus team as an Accounting and Admin Manager, Krystal had planned to obtain a degree in Occupational Therapy. However, she found that she was able to find something just as meaningful and impactful working in Office Administration.

Krystal knows that Nexus’ work culture is a big part of the company’s success, but that there’s always room for improvement. As the team expands, Krystal will help to ensure that new members are diverse, “culture growers” that will continue to propel the company in the right direction.

“As we make decisions with every client or team member interaction we are mindful of our values and try our best to exemplify those values,” says Krystal. “ I hope that we learn new ways to improve our culture over time as we learn what is best for our team.”

Krystal is looking forward to gathering feedback and input from her coworkers at Nexus in order to further develop the work culture here. She recognizes that everyone is working together towards that goal, and can’t wait to see how it progresses.

“I hope to continue to expand my personal knowledge on the topics of best practices for our organization, as well as help with getting initiatives in place that our team is excited about being a part of,” says Krystal. “It’s always growing, expanding, and changing—it’s a beautiful thing to see!”

Please join us in congratulating Krystal on her new position on our team of Utah IT services professionals! We’re so excited to see how she excels as our Director of People, Culture, and DEI.