If you have a free server room, here’s what you can do with it!

Server Room

Many small to mid-sized companies are running across a problem these days: They are moving their systems to the cloud and related cloud services and finding that they don’t really need a server room anymore. On one hand, that’s good news, because it really helps on save electricity and heating bills! But on the other hand, there’s now a room in the office that you own/lease that’s about to stand empty. This space deserves a purpose – and we’ve got a few good ideas.

Perishable Storage

Obviously, a server room cannot be used for full refrigeration, but it does come with significant amounts of temperature control, and that make it an ideal spot to store any semi-perishable supplies that your business may use or need, including foods and plants. If you’ve been wanting a pantry-like space at work, or find the idea intriguing, it may be time to look into potential redesigns for your server room!

Game Space for Relaxation

There are several different ways you could go with a game room. First, you could include table games like pool, mini-basketball or foosball for adults to relax with. The insulation common in most server rooms helps to soundproof the room and keep the noise away from the rest of the office. Or you could choose a quiet collection of board games and ample space to set them up for a more cerebral type of gaming. Finally, if your office must sometimes entertain children, then you may want to consider actually entertaining with a quiet room and their choice of kids’ games while their parents work in the business. Any of these options can be a success!

A Grow Room

Obviously, you shouldn’t be growing anything illegal in your server room, but it’s an excellent spot for legal grow operations if you are involved in the produce market, supplying ingredients, or anything else that encourages the growth of plants under strict conditions. The temperature controls, combined with the right grow lights, make the room an ideal spot for indoor gardening.

Yoga or Relaxation Room

The soundproofing also makes your server room a nice place to get away from the noise and just relax. If you are trying to encourage yoga and relaxation as part of your wellness initiative, think about converting the space into a yoga room or a similar type of room for employees to get away from it all. On a related note, it could also make an excellent nursing room for working mothers if this is high on your wellness priority list!

Rentable Storage Space

If your server room is large enough and has a convenient location, consider renting it out for storage or another similar service for nearby companies. If an organization is looking for extra space in a building like yours, this could be exactly what they want. Make sure you work out the details of the rental offer carefully before diving into this one.

Product Testing

Do you need a safe environment to conduct quality control and product tests? Your server room could be exactly the sort of space you need. It’s sheltered enough to allow for more tactile experiments, but still in a controlled space that allows for careful measurements if necessary.

Private Meeting Room

This is an easy one. Qualities like soundproofing and temperature control are also ideal for a private meeting place. Most server rooms at mid-sized businesses are too small for a full board room style meeting, but consider a meeting place that smaller teams can use throughout the day as necessary. A small server room can also serve as an excellent spot for small client meetings and signings where privacy is very important. A busy company can almost always use extra meeting room space, so why not take advantage of the new real estate?

Karaoke Booth

Okay, this one is just for fun, but you’d be surprised at just how often it’s suggested as a use for this space. Clearly, employees just want to have some fun, and while this is something that you may only be able to see a big company like Google or Facebook doing, it’s still in the realm of possibility for you, too! The point is to consider more fun, off-the-wall options that can give employees a break or encourage their creativity.

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