Earl Foote Shares Leadership Insights On The Top Executive Strategy Podcast

The Top Executive Strategy Podcast features concise and focused interviews with business leaders from a range of industries. In this episode, Nexus IT’s – Earl Foote talked to host Keith Weaver about a range of business leadership and strategy concepts, from the value he gets from his work as a leader to the way he tries to lead his staff.

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Over the course of this episode, Earl shared his thoughts on being a leader, from the personal value he gets from the work, to the responsibility one holds as a leader. He knows he occupies a critical role and doesn’t want to let anyone down.

“For me, it is very fulfilling and rewarding to build something meaningful, and for what you build to have a meaningful impact on the lives of people around you.” says Earl.

Earl and Keith talked about how people are the core of a business, and that any success is derived from how they contribute, and how they are led. Earl explained that he does not manage people but instead leads them by fostering their development, their commitment, and their engagement with the business.

“Don’t try to manage people — lead people.” says Earl.

However, Earl recognizes that the success of the business doesn’t just come down to the employees. He knows his success is, in part, due to his commitment as a leader. By recognizing the value in the example he sets, he better influences the success of the Nexus IT Consultants staff.

For the full discussion, make sure to listen to this episode of The Top Executive Strategy Podcast.