Salt Lake City Organization Running ECi M1 ERP Recruits Nexus for Local IT Support in 2021

A Salt Lake City manufacturing firm was looking for a team of IT professionals to help them manage and optimize their ECi M1 ERP Cloud infrastructure. They wanted a team of IT specialists who could help them streamline operations and keep their IT infrastructure consistently monitored, managed, and maintained. When they reached out to Nexus for support, we immediately knew we were the right team for the job.

Salt Lake City Manufacturing Firm Relies on Nexus to Provide Customized Cloud Support

Just a few weeks ago, our team was contacted by a manufacturing firm in Salt Lake City. The leadership team for this organization was on the hunt for a team of Utah IT professionals that could provide local IT support for their manufacturing company. They were about to conduct updates on their Windows operating system (OS) as well as their ECi M1 ERP Cloud software and they had come to the conclusion that it was time to recruit a team of IT specialists to help them manage and optimize these critical IT resources.

Based on our first contact alone, we knew this was the exact kind of client we wanted to work with. We spend a lot of time trying to convince business professionals that a strategic approach to IT has immense business value. This Salt Lake City organization didn’t need any convincing. They knew that successful operations were completely reliant upon strategically positioned IT resources and they also had come to realize that support from a team of local IT professionals could help them streamline and optimize their IT infrastructure. We were impressed both by their proactivity and their openness to professional consultation and support.

Let’s face it – if we’ve learned anything from the last year, it’s that business is more reliant on strategic and innovative IT solutions than ever before. With the right IT solutions in place, businesses in all industries have been able to adapt and do amazing things in order to keep businesses moving in unpredictable times. The Cloud has been a huge part of this and has made it possible for organizations of all shapes and sizes to reimagine what the modern workplace might look like.

Long before the chaos that ensued last year, we’ve been encouraging Utah business leaders to consider Cloud migration. We’ve also dedicated many years to helping local organizations make the transition smoothly. When it comes to doing business in the Cloud, different industries require different Cloud software, solutions, and infrastructure. That’s why, when this Salt Lake City manufacturing organization needed support for their industry-specific ECi M1 ERP software, we knew we could provide a customized approach to managed IT service and support.

We’ve decided to share our experience supporting this local manufacturing firm because we want to inspire other Salt Lake City organizations to consider the value of both Cloud technologies and the professional support to manage and maintain them. With the right IT solutions in place and the right team of Salt Lake City IT professionals in your corner, your team can embrace the modern workplace and position yourself for optimal growth. Check out how we made it happen for this local manufacturing firm below.

The Request: What This Salt Lake City Manufacturing Firm Was Looking For From Nexus

When the management team from this Salt Lake City manufacturing firm approached us, they explained that they were looking for a new IT support provider in Utah to support their small, ten-person manufacturing team. They explained that their daily operations functioned using a Windows operating system (OS) and an ECi M1 ERP Cloud infrastructure. They also explained that they were preparing to perform some OS and software updates and that most of the support they were looking for could be handled remotely.

They also informed us that they were currently working with a different IT provider, but that they had been consistently disappointed in the service and support they were receiving. Their current remote provider was often unresponsive and failed to provide the comprehensive and proactive support they required to stay productive and secure. They had become increasingly frustrated by this lack of support, and they were now on the hunt for a managed IT provider in Salt Lake City who was strategic, responsive, knowledgeable, and efficient.

Here’s a breakdown of the IT support this manufacturing firm was looking for:

  • Initial consultation – They wanted us to start by coming in to provide an initial consultation. Since they had become so disappointed by the impersonal and unreliable support they received from their current provider, they really wanted a chance to get to know our team and wanted us to get to know theirs. They wanted us to understand how they operated and see firsthand why strategic IT resources and reliable IT support were so valuable to them.
  • Systems review – Next, they wanted us to conduct our own detailed review of their existing IT infrastructure. They wanted us to offer our professional guidance about how their IT infrastructure could be optimized and how operations might be streamlined by modifying and improving their IT posture. They wanted us to develop a clear idea of how their IT infrastructure was currently positioned to support operations and how it might be repositioned to reduce downtime and boost productivity.
  • Managed IT services – After the initial consultation and infrastructure review, they wanted us to create a managed IT service agreement outlining how we would support them in their day-to-day operations. They wanted a comprehensive and transparent agreement that would outline all the ways in which we would keep their network systems continually monitored, managed, and maintained. They wanted us to provide robust, fully-managed IT service and support that they could consistently rely on.
  • Ongoing IT support – Finally, they wanted to know that they could trust us to provide responsive and reliable IT support. As they mentioned, the majority of this IT support could be handled remotely, however, they also wanted to know that we could get boots on the ground to support their team on-site if required. Above all, they wanted to know that we were committed to being a consistently reliable and responsive IT support partner for the long-haul.

We really can’t say enough just how impressed we were by this team of professionals from Salt Lake City. They had taken the frustration and disappointment produced by their current IT provider and had channeled it into a proactive plan to find a better one. We respected their forward-thinking approach, and we couldn’t wait to demonstrate how proud we would be to serve as their new and improved IT support partner.

How Nexus Rose to The Occasion to Support This Salt Lake City Manufacturing Firm

From the very start, we had our work cut out for us because we knew that this Utah manufacturing firm had been disappointed by their previous IT provider. Because of this, we wanted to make sure they knew that Nexus always goes above and beyond to provide responsive, reliable, and strategic IT service and support. No matter the size of the business we work with or the industry it belongs to, our team is always committed to the highest levels of client service and support.

Additionally, however, we recognize that in order to provide this level of support, our team is required to develop and implement an entirely customized approach to managed IT services for every client. The needs and goals of every organization are different and as such, our approach to providing managed IT service and support needs to be custom-tailored for each organization we work with. That’s why, as we entered a service partnership with this Salt Lake City organization, we wanted them to understand that we were committed to nothing short of fully-customized and enterprise-grade IT service and support.

Here’s a breakdown of the IT service & support we provided for this manufacturing firm:

Initial Consultation 

We started by visiting this team of manufacturing professionals onsite as they requested. We conducted a comprehensive consultation in which we worked to learn everything about their organization. We spoke with the leadership team and their small team of employees to understand how they used IT in their daily operations and where they thought their IT infrastructure could be optimized or improved. Above all, our goal in the initial consultation was to get to know their business so that we could customize our approach to managed IT service and support.

IT Infrastructure Review 

Once our initial consultation was complete and we had spent a sufficient amount of time getting to know how their business operates, we then conducted a comprehensive analysis of their entire IT infrastructure. This involved examining all their on-site hardware, their Windows OS, and their ECi M1 ERP Cloud infrastructure. Our goal here was to closely examine their existing IT posture. We worked to identify security gaps, redundancies, and areas that could be optimized or improved. We reviewed their data storage and access infrastructure and examined the ways in which their network was connected. Above all, we worked to determine how we might streamline and optimize their entire network infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.

End-to-End Infrastructure Optimization

As soon as we had taken a close look at all their hardware and software, we immediately got to work optimizing and streamlining their network infrastructure from end-to-end. We worked efficiently to eliminate redundancies and unnecessary resources. We patched security gaps and implemented additional layers of security. We performed all the necessary updates on their Windows OS and Cloud software. We enabled unused automation tools and features in their Cloud software to reduce downtime and boost productivity. We streamlined their data storage and access capabilities and implemented solutions to boost connectivity, communication, and collaborative potential. We also made sure to get all of this optimization handled outside of regular working hours to ensure they experienced no business disruption. Once the optimization was complete, we spent time making sure that the entire team felt comfortable navigating the fully-optimized system.

Managed IT Services

Next, it was time to create a comprehensive managed IT service agreement. We worked closely with the management team to ensure we knew exactly the kind of daily support they were looking for. We created a detailed and transparent managed IT service agreement that outlined all of our support commitments. We would consistently monitor, manage, and maintain their entire IT infrastructure behind the scenes. We would provide on-demand support and consultation whenever it was required. We would take care of cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning. No matter what they needed when it came to IT, we made it clear that they could count on us to provide responsive and strategic support whenever they needed it.

Anytime Support & Long-Term Strategic IT Planning 

Finally, we reassured them that they could count on us for two things in the long-term. First, they could count on us to provide responsive and reliable IT support whenever and however they needed it. Remote support would be available 24/7 via our team of helpdesk specialists, and a technician would always be on call to provide onsite support as needed. We assured them that they would never have to worry about poor response times or underwhelming support. Second, we explained that we would remain on board not just as their managed IT service and support partner, but as their strategic IT consultant for the long term. We would help them keep their approach to IT competitive and up-to-date by helping them scale and innovate as necessary. Whenever they needed new equipment, an expanded Cloud infrastructure, or even just a forward-thinking IT professional to consult with, we explained that they could count on us.

Is Your Manufacturing Firm Looking for Cloud Support in Utah? Nexus Would Love to Help!

Ever since we partnered with this Salt Lake City manufacturing firm, they’ve given us a lot of great feedback. For them, it’s refreshing to have such a responsive team of IT professionals consistently in their corner to address issues before they become problems. They also explained that since we optimized their IT infrastructure, their operations are running smoother and their employees are more productive than ever.

Wondering if it’s time for your Salt Lake City organization to invest in managed IT services? Nexus IT Consultants is the Utah IT provider you can trust. Our team will work alongside you to develop a customized and reliable managed IT strategy. Whether you work on the Cloud or on-premise, our team can provide robust and fully-managed IT support so your team can stay focused on mission-critical business. Looking for reliable managed IT services in Utah? Nexus IT Consultants is standing by, ready to help!

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