One Secret To Entrepreneurial Success: Episode 2

This is Part 2 in our series on Entrepreneurship. Last time we talked about how success is based on how much we put into it. For this episode, we’ll be talking about behaviors and mentalities that are required for entrepreneurs and leaders to be successful in their roles.

For some people, what I’m about to share with you may seem a little bit “out there”. However, I’ve found the following to be true for me in my life; that because we are made up of energy, we respond either positively or negatively to the energy that we perceive and create.

Based on this premise, here’s one of the first pieces of advice that I offer for anyone who hopes to be a great leader or entrepreneur…

Do away with all negativity in your life. You don’t have time for it.

My advice is this:

1. You need as much constructive and positive energy that you can muster. If you have a negative mentality, exhibit negative behaviors, and have negative people surrounding you, it’s time to do away with them.

If you’ve experienced trauma in the past, do get help for this. There’s nothing wrong with visiting a counselor. In fact, most of us would benefit from talking about the negative experiences we’ve been through. This helps us move on and not be encumbered them.

2. Focus on the positive. Look to the positive with everything you do in your life. In every situation, no matter how stressful or difficult it may be, you can find something positive from it.

In fact, we have a choice to decide how we’re going to perceive every situation we experience. We can choose if we want to see it from a negative or positive perspective. So, if you want to be successful, and do this more quickly, choose the positive.

3. Focus on an abundance mindset vs. a scarcity mindset. Focus on creating the abundance of success that you want rather than on the obstacles that can keep you from achieving success. I recommend that you read Think and Grow Rich by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and Law of Attraction by Michael Losier. Both are very good books.

The Law of Attraction is 100% true. When we put our energy and focus on something that we want to achieve, and in a positive fashion, almost 100% of the time you’ll see that the resources you need to achieve that outcome will begin to align for you.

I’m also a firm believer in Karma. I believe that the good energy you put out into the world will come back to you. If for no other reason, this is why you should project positive energy.

I believe that if you are abundance-minded, create abundance for yourself, your team, your clients, your community, and even the world, that you can achieve the success and copiousness that you’re looking for.

However, I don’t believe that we should seek abundance only for personal gain. When we find a way to create abundance, we must find a way to meaningfully share it with others.

One of the things that I’ve found to be most impactful in my journey as an entrepreneur is to consistently seek opportunities to improve myself as an individual, as a leader and as an entrepreneur? (repeat). I do so by reading books, attending conferences, workshops, peer groups, and mastermind groups.

Peer groups and mastermind groups have also been pivotal to my success. Often as an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas; to see what’s broken in your systems and strategies, and to innovate. When you participate in groups with others who are also seeking success, oftentimes, you can gain new ideas based on others’ experiences.

This has been extremely important to me throughout my career and something that I would definitely recommend.

So, that’s it for Part 2 of our Entrepreneurial series. I wish you massive amounts of success in your journey!