In Episode 8 Of The Entrepreneurship Success Formula Series, We Talk About Sales

Sales in the modern business world is a far cry from the mid-century culture when everyone was thinking “sell, sell, sell”. The integration of social media, the development of networking communities, and other modern world innovations have changed the way businesses should approach sales.

Have you kept up?

In our latest episode the Entrepreneurship Success Formula Series, Nexus IT Consultants share three vital tips for promoting sales in the modern business world:

What 3 Lessons Should You Learn About Sales?

Don’t Be Transactional – Be Transformative

You shouldn’t just think about sales in terms of what you’re getting for what you give. Building a culture of value and mutually beneficial business relationships is all about connecting with prospects. “It’s all about the partnership, it’s all about the connection,” says Julia Deaver. “They see right through it if you’re not real”.

Build On Your Community

Your local and online business communities are resources that you can use to indirectly build your brand and support your sales efforts. By developing relationships through connections over adjacent media and content (such as blog posts on LinkedIn, pop culture on social media, and more) you can better network with contacts who may be prospects down the line. “You build those relationships,” says Lindsey Ivie, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Nexus IT Consultants. “It’s easier to get your foot in the door with an opportunity when you’ve already established that.”

Don’t Sell Where There Isn’t A Need

How can you expect to sell a service or product if you don’t know for a fact that there is a demand for it?

If you’re going to spend the time and money developing something you plan to eventually sell, you need to do your homework first and make sure there’s a market for it.

“You can’t force people,” says Earl Foote, CEO, Nexus IT. “If you have a conversation with somebody where there isn’t a fit, or isn’t a need, move on.”

To sell successfully, you need to be authentic, resourceful, and strategic. Your sales efforts should be graceful and carefully executed – don’t let an outdated mindset keep you from selling what you have to offer.

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