Managed Services Providers Give Your Business an IT Advantage

Discover how a managed services provider helps save your business time and money with secure systems, accessible data and the latest technology advances.

When your business needs to improve efficiency and leverage the latest technological advances, you want a proven partner by your side. An IT managed services provider (MSP) offers a range of services designed to improve operations, boost productivity and help your company communicate better internally and with your customers.

Knowing what services are available and how to choose the right MSP for your business needs is critical. Here is a brief guide to MSPs and how they help your company thrive.

What Does an MSP Do?

Information technology drives business today. It’s a part of nearly every business process in every business area. From finance to operations to customer relations to sales and marketing, technology is an integral component of your company’s success.

An MSP helps to manage that technology, helping your employees operate better with more reliable systems and tools.

What Services Does an MSP Offer?

Not every MSP offers the same suite of services. However, the most common MSP services are:

  • Cloud Solutions. Increasingly, business today is done virtually, with employees, partners and customers relying on access to data, applications and websites to get work done. Cloud platforms store data, apps and operating systems electronically, allowing access from connected devices no matter where the user is located.
  • Data and System Security. Hackers target small- and medium-sized businesses at an alarming rate. MSPs offer wide-ranging security solutions to protect users and information.
  • Vendor Management. Your MSP can manage vendor relationships, ensuring that contracts, warranties and recalls are followed. With automated upgrades monitored by your MSP, you can be confident that the newest versions, improvements and security solutions are installed immediately.
  • IT Consulting. With many technologies emerging and evolving rapidly, you need help to keep on top of the ever-changing options. With the right MSP, you have access to insights, expertise and knowledge of the products and features that keep your company on top of technology for today and tomorrow.

How Does an MSP Save Money for My Business?

IT costs can be unpredictable at best. With MSP solutions, you’ll pay a flat monthly rate that keeps your IT costs manageable, In addition, you’ll reduce your IT operational costs — data centers, cooling, power and maintenance — and redirect staff resources to more pressing business needs.

What Does an MSP Do to Keep Data Secure?

Keeping data protected is one of the most important responsibilities your business has. Financial and personal information on customers and employees, intellectual property and operational information must be protected at all times. Your MSP should offer a range of security protections that include:

  • Anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phishing and anti-spam software that automatically updates to reflect the latest threats
  • Automated data backups that ensure your information is protected and accessible
  • Firewall protection that keeps your networks monitored, identifies and contains threats and detects unwanted access
  • Penetration testing to identify areas of exposure
  • Disaster recovery that minimizes downtime for your business in the event of a natural disaster or cyberattack
  • Employee education

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