Your business is growing, your technology needs are getting more complex, and you’re ready to start exploring more of your networking options. The obvious solution—managed IT services—sounds appealing, but you aren’t sure yet what managed services will do for you or if they’re worth the investment.

Here are our top five reasons why we believe they are.

  • IT problems are a common complaint in your office. Slow network access times. Email that goes down during business hours. Software in need of updates. Helpdesk issues that take time and money to work on. Taken alone, these things aren’t a huge deal—handling the issue on your own might take a few minutes out of your day or only a small amount of money to fix. However, if these sorts of things start piling up, they can quickly get out of hand. If you find yourself spending more than thirty minutes a day worrying about IT issues, you may need to consider a managed services provider.
  • You don’t have the internal resources to support your IT needs. As your company grows and expands, your IT needs will inevitably get more complex—you need more bandwidth, a better portal for customers, and more secure networks for your employees to access. These are all good things, because they mean you’re moving in the right direction. If you’re facing a crossroads right now—you either need to invest in a stronger IT department or stop growing—you should look to managed IT services instead. We can give you room to grow without requiring you to invest in more internal resources.
  • Employees are spending time outside their areas of expertise. Asking non-IT employees to implement IT solutions is rarely a good long-term goal. Not only are you failing to take advantage of your employee’s best skills—and what you hired him or her to do—but you are running the risk of causing burnout, job dissatisfaction, and a higher likelihood of error.
  • You don’t have a long-term IT goal. Not every business knows exactly what they want out of their technology, and that’s okay. After all, technology is constantly changing and adapting, and your own business goals will change over the next few years. However, you should always be looking a few years ahead in terms of what kind of IT system you want, need, or plan to invest in. An IT consulting firm with managed services can help you look at the big picture and roll out plans to continue adapting.
  • You consider IT to be a necessary evil. For many businesses, technology is considered a nuisance rather than a tool that can be used to leverage success. This should never be the case. Your computers, network, mobile devices, and infrastructure should be helping you succeed, not preventing you from it.

Technology should always be your friend and ally—and your IT partner should be both these things, as well.