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Microsoft Teams is a collaboration application found in Microsoft 365. It enables your workgroups to stay organized and have discussions all in one place. Join us and learn more.

Successful organizations appreciate the importance of constant communication and notes-sharing among their staff. It ensures that all units channel their efforts towards a common goal. However, with a mobile workforce – or teams that are far apart – collaboration becomes challenging. Microsoft Teams is a group chat solution based in the cloud. It helps users manage and share documents, store files online, create collaborative groups, and receive real-time notifications. The platform, which has improved on Skype for Business, is ideal for video conferencing, calling, instant messaging, and file sharing. It allows you to shift between messaging and video conferencing seamlessly while simultaneously working with its powerful inbuilt integration of the Microsoft 365 suite.

How Does Microsoft Teams Work?

It combines application integration, workplace chat, file storage, and video meetings to form a single business-oriented platform for communication and collaboration.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration space for colleagues. It works as a communication center to get more tasks done together, besides giving you the ability to work privately on individual projects. It also provides secure enterprise-level document storage spaces that your teams work from.

What can your users do with Microsoft Teams?

  • They can co-author and securely share files in real-time.
  • They can host virtual meetings internally or with anyone across the globe.
  • They can also call or chat with colleagues privately or as a group.

Let’s Have A Look At Microsoft Teams’ Interface

The platform has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface that consists of:

1. Teams: These are different workgroups. Each of your users will be a part of various groups based on their roles and responsibilities. The teams are distinguished by projects, departments, programs, or initiatives.

2. Channels: Different workstreams that happen within a group. They are more of project phases or separate departmental functions. It’s in channels where you hold meetings, have team conversations, and share files.

At the top of each channel, there are Tabs (links to your favorite files, app, and services).

  • Do you want to hold a quick on-the-spot meeting with people on your channel? All you have to do is to select Meet Now at the bottom of the interface. The platform allows you to record whole or sections of the virtual conferences for future reference. In a meeting, you can open/and share content on your PC with other attendees. When you share a file in a channel conversation, you and your team can edit it in real-time – and share facts alongside it.
  • To talk privately with an individual or group, click the New Chat tab at the top and type their names. You can name the chat for easy tracing in the future. It’s also possible to make a video or audio call directly from a chat. Depending on your organization’s settings, you can call outside parties who are not using Teams through the app.

3. Calendar: Here, you can see everything you got lined up for the day or week, and even schedule other meetings. It syncs with your Outlook Calendar.

4. Activity: This is where you catch up on your unread messages, mentions, replies, and more. It has a command box for searching specific items or people, taking quick actions, and visiting apps.

Why Should You Be Using Microsoft Teams?

  • It Enables Easy Communication: One of the Teams’ key features is its real-time chat function. This allows users to create different teams and channels for organizing communication and collaboration.
  • It Can Be Used Anywhere, Anytime, And From Any Device: As a cloud-based platform, Microsoft Teams is accessible from anywhere via desktop or mobile apps. It’s supported on Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android operating systems.
  • It Increases Your Productivity: Using regular emails exposes you to the risk of losing files from several email threats. With Teams, everyone receives the same message simultaneously. If a new member joins the team, they can easily access prior conversations or previous project-related files.
  • All Your Meetings Are Synced: Microsoft Teams integrates with your Outlook Calendar. You can confirm whether other members are held up before scheduling a meeting. The app will suggest available free times for you to choose from.

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