Data Security Compliance And Privacy Regulations With Glen Horsley

In our latest live stream, Earl Foote talked with Glen Horsley, co-founder and CEO of the RIVN, on the topic of data security compliance and privacy regulations.

The margin for error in business is razor-thin when it comes to compliance and data security. Especially in light of the many compliance systems — FINRA, HIPAA, GDPR, CMMC, NIST and more — it’s more important than ever that you confidently manage your compliance practices.

In this recent live stream, Nexus IT Consultants’ Earl Foote and Glen Horsley discussed the process of managing compliance in the modern business world:

Meet Glen Horsley, Co-Founder and CEO Of RIVN

Glen Horsley is the co-founder and CEO of RIVN. Over the course of his career, Glen has accumulated extensive experience working with data security at a range of major businesses.

“It’s been an amazing experience,” says Glen. “I’ve become more of a privacy expert than anything else, which surprised me, because it’s not a topic I thought I would really fall in love with the way that I have.”

What Does RIVN Do?

“Compliance and data security and privacy have become a significant challenge for a majority of businesses to deal with,” says Earl. “There’s so much complexity involved.”

RIVN provides solutions to support organizations with their compliance efforts, automating the management and deletion of consumer records. The company is the result of Glen and his co-founders recognizing the need that modern businesses have for expert support with their data security and compliance processes.

“There were a lot of compliance needs in the landscape that companies were going to have to figure out how to automate,” says Glen. “I got together with my co-founders to figure out if this was something we could build and go to market with.”

Unfortunately, just as RIVN was launching and pushing their solution, COVID-19 threw everything off balance. Their potential clients (large, enterprise companies) were no longer in a position to invest in a robust, complex compliance support product.

“We realized that we can’t be an enterprise solution, because not all companies are ready to have a really complex implementation,” says Glen. “The biggest thing that we did was make it as easy as possible.”

And so, like the most successful companies of 2020, RIVN pivoted. They knew their solution had to be something that companies could easily implement on their own and without a major investment of capital. That’s what led them to develop a self-serve, easily implemented version of their compliance product.

“We recognized that buying power was limited in companies, but privacy wasn’t going away,” says Glen.

For the full talk with Glen about data security and compliance, make sure to check out the full live stream recording. To continue learning more about entrepreneurship, leadership, and technology topics, check out Nexus IT’s Video Center for the latest informative videos with Earl Foote.