Microsoft Office 365 SupportLeadership is a complicated and necessary skill for any business owner to develop, and it’s also a skill that needs to be updated and worked on constantly. Taking a new – and even slightly unconventional – approach to leadership can often be the best way to achieve real growth and success.

Workshops and seminars are a great way to build this particular skill, and earlier this month I had the opportunity to take part in Bryan Miller’s Productivity NOW workshop. This one-day event focused on teaching attendees new strategies, insights, and tools for getting more out of your time while taking some of the stress out of both work and life.

Where many other workshops like to toss around buzzwords and flashy techniques that sound exciting in theory but are hard to put to use in the real world, Miller’s approach is something that busy professionals can actually use. Knowledgeable and passionate about what he’s teaching, Miller puts a real emphasis on peace, happiness, and enlightenment as a leader’s best assets.

Among the lessons I was able to take away from this experience was a new way of creating goals for myself and my company. No goal is beyond your reach if you approach the planning and strategizing parts of the process in an intelligent and thoughtful way, and are willing to work your tail off to see your goal come to life.

One of the most important things I learned from Bryan Miller is that introspection is a huge part of good leadership. You can’t approach life in one way and work in another and expect to find success in either. Leading by example starts with striking a comfortable balance personally, and letting that “inner peace” color your approach to your business.

Enjoying what you do shouldn’t feel like a chore. Working to put a little fun back into your job is what helps bring productivity and success to everything that you do.

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