Virtual Computing… It’s Green… er…?

Everyone’s talking about going green these days… and it’s a good idea too!

But let’s be honest, the greenest possible solution for computing

would be an abacus and a stick to write with in the sand.

So until you can grow your own computer, there’s virtual computing.

Virtual Computing means replacing your desktop computers with “thin clients”. Your thin client is a remote control for your virtual computer which exists in a bank of super computers in the Nexus IT Data Centers.

Since the Data Center is doing all the technological “heavy lifting”, thin clients are much simpler than the bulky, inefficient desktop PCs they replace.

Thin clients don’t just take up less space on your desk, they take fewer resources to build and use less energy than traditional desktop PCs.

What’s almost as good as saving the planet? Saving money, of course! Virtual Computing is one way you can go green and save some green at the same time!

the skinny on going thin… and green


Power Consumption

Landfill and Waste

Desktop PC

Desktop computers have more parts requiring more materials and more power to manufacture. More parts = more weight and more space. Desktops consume more fuel to ship simply because they take up more space and they’re heavier.
not too green.
Desktops use more electricity.100 of them will use over $1300 worth of electricity in a year.

All that power consumption creates heat which drives up summer air conditioning use.
totally not green.

E-Waste is the fastest growing contributor to solid-waste in America. Over 350 Million electronic products were retired in 2005. Desktop systems’ relatively short life-span contribute to the problem: More stuff in landfills = less room for golf.

Nexus IT
Thin Client

Thin clients are simpler, have fewer moving parts and take less energy to manufacture and ship.
pretty green.
Thin clients use
up to 90% less power.
Example: 100 of them
will only use $132
worth of electricity
in a year.Heat? Your desk lamp
creates more heat than
your Avatara Thin Client.
really green.
Once your thin client finally reaches obsolescence (8 years) you’ll be relieved to know your unit is 90% recyclable.
super green.