How much work goes into building the IT infrastructure at a hotel, capable of supporting Wi-Fi, TV, and phones? How long does a project like this take to complete? What are the key challenges?

Building A Reliable IT Infrastructure For A Major Destination Resort – What Are The Key Challenges (And How Do You Overcome Them)?

It’s common for businesses in the hospitality industry to overlook the importance of Wi-Fi and other technological amenities. However, like TVs and telephones, Wi-Fi is a key feature in the hospitality industry – all of which relies on a well-built IT Infrastructure. That’s why, when a large hotel needed a robust and reliable IT infrastructure, they contacted Nexus IT Consultants.

Replay Destinations develops and manages highly desirable destination resorts across the country. While their guests spend time at these resorts, Replay understands that reliable and fast Wi-Fi, along with TVs, phones and other technology, is an expectation, not a luxury. When they needed a robust infrastructure capable of supporting Wi-Fi, TVs, and phones, they came to Nexus IT Consultants to help them successfully plan and execute the IT implementation for their Lift project.

Why Has Replay Destinations Chosen Nexus IT Consultants?

Nexus IT is proud to have been directly selected to implement all the technology solutions for Lift Park City at the base of Canyons Village at Park City Mountain. It is exciting that our reputation and expertise in building hospitality networks and deploying in-room technology makes us the perfect fit.

Our team understands that Replay Destinations wants reliable Wi-Fi for their large-scale network. They know we have successfully completed similar projects in the past for other hotels, arenas, offices, event centers, and large facilities. Our past success delivering projects on time and on budget, with a stellar customer experience, made it an easy decision.

What Does The Project Entail?

The Lift Park City network and IT infrastructure includes Wi-Fi, TVs and phone systems. Planning accordingly, we have budgeted for a 4-6 week installation period for these projects, depending on other construction factors and trades. With more than 60 rooms to cover with the network, this is no small project.

At its most basic, this work comes down to standard networking:

  • Wi-Fi access points connect to switches,
  • Switches connect to routers and firewalls,
  • All of which is connected to the Internet.
  • Then there is the integration of TVs and the phone system into this network.

However, at this scale, it’s not quite so simple…

What Are The Key Challenges With This Project?

These types of projects are intricate, and they require thoughtfully formulated and well-executed plans. We manage a lot of moving pieces, including coordinating with multiple trades and vendors, agendas and objectives, and effective collaboration to make it all come together.

It may sound like a stereotype, but there really are challenges with construction to make things work right. In large Wi-Fi deployments, the networks are usually not designed correctly. This is caused by the difficult parameters of heavy duty materials like steel, rebar, and concrete. As a result, the Wi-Fi network performs poorly (low signal strength, disconnecting users, etc.).

That’s why a project like this has to be carefully planned and executed. Each aspect of the infrastructure has to be thought-out and thoroughly tested after the fact to make sure that it meets client expectations – as well as the expectations of their guests.

This is part and parcel to our entire approach to IT services.

We make sure to thoroughly communicate and meet with our clients to understand their objectives and how we can help them achieve those. We also help our clients meet their budget requirements and project deadlines while coordinating with all the other involved trades, which is more than many other providers offer.

We go above and beyond to make sure our clients are satisfied with their IT network. It’s not just a job or a project to us. IT installation is a critical component to helping our clients succeed in their industry, which we take very seriously.

What Will The End Result Be?

Once the project is complete, the infrastructure built, and the network extensively tested, Replay Destinations will have what they need to deliver a comfortable, stable, high performing experience for their guests. Their IT infrastructure will be robust and reliable enough to support Wi-Fi, TV and phone service for the many guests that will stay at Lift Park City.