Were you the “forgot there was a test until you walked in the door” or “studied all last night for this” kind of student? No matter how you handled tests in school, no one can deny that they served their purpose. They showed how well you understood the material, and that you could apply it when needed.

The same is true for cyber security assessments—they tell you how well your security is holding up and whether they’d be ready for the real thing: a data breach. The importance of regular assessments can’t be stressed enough, as they’re essential in keeping your systems protected against potential disasters.

If you’re just now hearing about a cyber security assessment or think they are unnecessary, here’s everything you need to know to fully understand its importance.

What Would a Cyber Security Assessment Look Like for You?

So, say you schedule an assessment. What can you expect? First, you’ll need to provide your team of specialists with all the necessary information about your systems. 

This includes credentials and any technical specs they may need. From there, the assessment will begin, featuring a full-scale analysis of your network architecture and infrastructure.

The professionals will look for any vulnerabilities that could leave you open to attack or data theft. This includes checking for individual users, who may be accessing your systems without authorization, as well as out-of-date software or any suspicious activity.

Once the assessment is complete, you’ll receive a comprehensive report from the team that details their findings and suggests ways to improve your security measures. This report will include recommendations on how to strengthen your systems against potential attacks and data breaches.

How Often Should You Have Assessments Completed?

Think about it like this: if you never tested the material you learned in school until the final, do you know how prepared you’d be? Probably not. An IT provider would be able to give you an exact answer on how often you should do the assessments.

It depends on the size of your company, how sensitive your information is, and the particular threat landscape of your industry. Generally, an annual assessment is recommended to stay up-to-date with changing security trends but most businesses should do them quarterly or even monthly.

Why Cyber Security Assessments Should Be High on Your Priority List

We know there are a lot of things vying for your attention and that risk assessments probably have never crossed your mind. But think about it—if you were to experience a data breach, the consequences would be much more costly and damaging than if you’d taken the time to get an assessment earlier.

When it comes to cyber security assessments, knowledge is power. Regular assessments are essential in keeping your systems protected against potential disasters, so they’re worth the effort.

What’s Stopping You From Regular Security Assessments? Common Myths We Want to Debunk

It’s understandable if you’re hesitant to sign up for a cyber security assessment. It’s a big deal to trust someone with your data and anything security related usually has lots of noise around it. To make things easier, here are some common myths we want to debunk:

Myth #1: Cost

Security assessments require massive investments in time and money: Not necessarily! Shorter assessments can be just as effective as longer ones, and not every assessment needs to be expensive. Find an IT provider who will be flexible and offer you the assessment you need.

Myth #2: Threats Evolve Too Quickly

There’s no point in doing security assessments because threats are constantly changing: While the threat landscape is ever-evolving, regular assessments can help you stay ahead of the game by detecting and patching any vulnerabilities that may exist.

Myth #3: Security Tools Are Enough

The only way to protect ourselves against data breaches is by using the latest technology: Again, not true! While using the latest tools and technologies can help protect your systems, assessments help you know if those investments are even worth it.

Now that you know more about cyber security assessments and why they’re so important, don’t wait any longer to get one! Make sure your systems stay as safe and secure as possible by booking an assessment soon.

Get the Assessment You Need With Nexus IT

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We’ve been in business for over 20 years and now how quickly threats change. We can help you keep up and make sure your data remains safe. Schedule a free consultation today and talk to a team member about starting your assessment.