How Can Your Business Get More Involved in the Community?

Both big and small businesses can contribute to the community. With so many days of the year spent by companies focusing on profits, businesses need to set aside time and resources to put towards community development.

Community involvement has the power to bring positive change to the local community in which you operate your business. Although community involvement is tied to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it goes beyond the ethical reasons for giving back to the community. Community involvement is also beneficial for business.

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Getting Started With Community Involvement

A great way to get a head start regarding community involvement is to find out what your employees are interested in. Are they already involved in a charitable or non-profit organization? Do they know local organizations or community events that your business can support?

Once you find the answers, you have a great place to start.

If consulting your employees leads to a dead-end, you can set up a community involvement committee to research which organizations people are already involved in and then contact them to determine if your company can do anything to support these organizations.

6 Ways Your Business Can Get Involved in the Community.

There are several ways you can get involved in community activities. If you’re thinking of ways to participate in community engagement, the following are a few examples.

  1. Sponsor sports activities.
  2. Partner with a local non-profit organization.
  3. Donate and support charity events and organizations.
  4. Volunteer at or sponsor community events.
  5. Host community events.
  6. Give discounts to essential service workers such as police officers, doctors, and teachers.

What are the Benefits of Community Involvement for Your Business?

  • Helps to Increase Brand Awareness: Getting involved in community activities helps put a human face to your business. This helps to make your business more visible to the community, therefore, allowing people in your community to get acquainted with your business, products, shops, and your brand. Engaging in community activities helps to paint your business as trustworthy, reliable, and socially responsible.
  • Helps You to Attract and Retain a Client Base: Studies show that social responsibility affects consumer decisions. Research shows that 91% of American consumers want more of the products and services they purchase to support a cause. Engaging in community activities enables you to attract these clients.
  • Enhances Employee Retention and Satisfaction: Community involvement also helps to improve employee satisfaction. Just like consumers want to feel good about the businesses they buy products or services from, employees also want to feel good about the organizations they work for.  Studies have shown that employees are more likely to be more satisfied with their jobs if they feel that they’re working for socially responsible organizations. Feeling that they are part of something bigger and that their roles are fulfilling also affects employee satisfaction. As a result, satisfied employees tend to stick around, therefore, improving employee retention.
  • Gives You Leverage Over the Competition: Getting engaged in community events gives your business leverage over your competition. It makes your brand more favorable in the eyes of consumers. Participating in community activities gives you an identity, making it easier to distinguish your business from other businesses in your locality.
  • Enables You to Foster a Culture of Collaboration and Networking Among Your Employees: Community involvement provides a platform for you and your employees to interact with each other and with employees from other organizations outside the office.  Community events and volunteering bring together employees in a different light, creating an environment for employees to genuinely get to know each other’s weaknesses, strengths, and personalities. As a result, you get a closely tied workforce, making it easier for them to collaborate effortlessly in the office.

Becoming a socially responsible business in your community requires time and effort but more importantly, a genuine passion for serving your community.

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