Almost all types of businesses are dependent on their IT systems to get through the workday. Computers and email, IT networks and data security, online sales platforms and VoIP services—if any part of your framework goes down, chances are your employees go down with them and your workday comes to a grinding halt.

That’s why having a local IT service provider you can trust is such an important part of your day-to-day business. By allowing an outside IT company to ensure seamless delivery and maintenance of all your technology services, you can put your focus where it belongs—on doing what you do best.

Finding an IT Service Provider

Because IT services are often provided remotely, and because location doesn’t always matter in choosing an IT service provider, it can be difficult to know how to go about finding the right one. Here are a few of our recommended considerations when looking at IT companies.

  • Reputation and Experience: First and foremost, you want an IT service provider who can get the job done. This means looking at the company’s reputation and experience, including that of individual team members. Ask for references and testimonials. Look at training and certifications. Treat finding an IT service provider like hiring an in-house IT professional, and interview accordingly.
  • Availability: Because your technology works hard even when you aren’t, it’s nice to know that your IT problems can be addressed regardless of the day of week. Ask about help desk availability and their troubleshooting process—and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities should you need help in the middle of the night.
  • Ability to Grow Your Business: One thing about your company’s IT needs: they’re always changing. As your business grows, you’ll also require expansion of technology services. Look for a provider who offers more than what you need right now, and who includes IT consulting in the list of services. It’s much easier to expand with a current provider than to start over with a new one.
  • Price: Of course cost matters in choosing an outsourced IT provider—it’s why you’re looking into this option in the first place. Ask about their prices and for a personalized quote—and have everything broken down monthly if you can. Transparency is important in making sure you don’t overpay for services.

You should also consider alternate services your IT provider is able to offer. Technology has a way of expanding even when we aren’t ready for it—and having a provider on the cutting edge of the industry means you’ll know when the next big opportunity arises.

Feel confident in your IT choice right from the start, and always reach out to make that personal connection. Oftentimes, talking with someone on the team is the best way for you to know that you’ve made the right decision for your business. Whether you want a local Utah IT service provider you can meet face-to-face, or if quality services are all you’re after, we’re happy to answer your questions and help you feel good about the future of your company’s technology.