Inspiring Trust & Peak Performance On Remote Teams

Remote work doesn’t come naturally to everyone so it’s incumbent upon business managers and owners to think strategically about how they engage with those on their staff who are working from home.

Like many things, the business world has changed drastically over the past year. This new era of remote working has led to the types of issues that managers would have otherwise been able to address directly in the workplace; it’s not so easy now that in person interactions with their team members is no longer a luxury.

A recent study has found that newly remote workers across the country are encountering a series of challenges in their daily work life:

  • 19% experience loneliness
  • 17% have difficulty communicating and collaborating
  • 8% have trouble staying motivated

That’s why it’s so critical to make sure that leaders are doing everything they can to keep your team engaged, which is what Nexus IT Consultants’ Earl Foote and Dr. Jeb Hurley discussed on this recent livestream:

Meet Dr. Jeb Hurley, Co-Founder And CEO Of Xmetryx

Dr. Hurley began his career in sales and product management, and over the following two and a half decades, gained extensive leadership and management experience. He’s worked as a GM, VP, and CEO of fortune 100 companies and startups. Along the way, he has also co-founded multiple companies.

Dr. Hurley holds a doctorate in organizational leadership, with a research focus on human motivation and team effectiveness. This led him to co-found and now oversee Xmetryx, which applies behavioral science to leadership skills with the goal of developing high performing teams.

“[I have a] passion for helping young leaders really connect the dots between trust and performance,” says Dr. Hurley.

Inspiring Trust & Peak Performance On Remote Teams

“I watched so many young leaders get mired in mediocrity when they had so much more potential, and every time it boils down to behavior,” says Dr. Hurley.

In the course of Dr. Hurley’s career, this is one of the most important things he’s learned. It’s easy to blame technologies or the economy or other factors (which certainly have an effect), but the fact is that poor performance is directly tied to behavior.

“At the end of the day, leadership is about helping people to change in a positive direction that accomplishes something more than what they would have done on their own,” says Dr. Hurley. “It’s behaviors that enable that or not.”

Earl and Dr. Hurley then moved on to the topic of trust, a core aspect of any leader-subordinate relationship. No matter what type of work, or who’s involved, in some way, trust is a factor.

“Trust is one of these really fascinating topics,” says Dr. Hurley. “It’s very common, and yet, it can be very complex in its personal experience.”

In Dr. Hurley’s experience, and contrary to what one may assume, trust isn’t always thought of in connection to performance. In truth, it is foundational to how productive and healthy a team may be.

“The reason that trust is so vital to organization is that it’s also the key to people’s collective performance and well-being,” says Dr. Hurley. “That is the key to resilience.”

For the full talk with Dr. Hurley about Xmetryx and his approach to leadership, as well as the Q&A at the close of the discussion, make sure to check out the full livestream recording.