One of the biggest challenges facing today’s businesses is workplace productivity. Faster network times in the office mean your employees can get more work done in the day—but it also means that they have more streamlined access to social media, personal websites, and other unauthorized uses of company internet.

Not only can this kind of unauthorized internet use lead to distractions in the workplace, but it can also affect your network as a whole. Too much personal computer use at the office can slow down your entire system—and it can also open you up to attack from viruses, malware, and hackers that could disable you from the inside out.

Making Technology Work for You

At Nexus IT Consultants, we believe that technology should always be a benefit to your organization, not a drawback. Internet content filtering can boost your productivity by:

  • Centering employee focus on the task at hand
  • Avoiding common workplace distractions
  • Reserving server/network space for work issues
  • Providing an extra layer of virus protection
  • Reducing internet usage and data plans
  • Providing an easy monitoring platform

The goal of any good IT support system is to find system weaknesses and eliminating them—which is why we encourage you to include content filtering as part of your overall IT monitoring package.

For a low monthly fee that fits into your regular IT budget, we can implement a security system that blocks offensive material, chat programs, social networking websites, or any other content you’d rather not allow in the workplace.

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