How to Navigate Today’s Most Dangerous Technology Trends

The latest tech trends in 2020 could put your data at risk. Here’s what trends to watch out for and how to keep your home and office security.  

Technology influences our daily lives in a million little ways. From the smartphone that connects you to your work, family, and the world to your GPS, smart fridge, and social media accounts, technology makes life simpler, faster, easier. But does that convenience come at a cost?

While our day-to-day lives may be dependent on technology, CEO of Nexus IT Consulting, Earl Foote, suggests that there are ways to stay protected in the face of new, sophisticated, and in some cases, dangerous technology trends.

Smart Home Devices and Digital Assistants

Our favorite smart TVs, fridges, home alarm systems, and assistants add a level of security to our lives. We can check on our home from anywhere, turn the lights on and off, listen to music and podcasts throughout the house, and even ask our devices to make grocery lists, purchase needed items, and order dinner.

But the question at the back of everyone’s mind is this: am I being observed? Can my device hear me when it isn’t in use? Am I at risk?

While these devices certainly have the potential to compromise our privacy, according to Foote, the best way to protect yourself from any potential danger is to read the fine print.

Before purchasing your next device, simply educate yourself on the privacy policy, where your data is being used—is it being sold to marketing firms?—and what your rights are in that situation. A huge source of revenue for technology companies is the data they collect from you, the user. Understanding where your data is being used is essential to staying protected.

In many cases, the devices we buy and the platforms we use give us the ability to opt-out of certain data collection strategies. Pay close attention to the service agreement and how much of your data you are choosing to give away.

Scam Calls and AI Cloning

You are likely all a little too familiar with the constant stream of scam phone calls coming to your home and cell phone. One of the latest trends is receiving calls from a phone number very similar to your own, convincing you to pick up.

But it doesn’t stop there. With advancements in AI technology, scammers can now use a very small snippet of your voice and video of your face to recreate fake conversations or videos that both sound and look just like you. These fake renderings can be used in social media posts, sent as messages, or used for scam calls to people you know.

The best way to protect yourself against such trends is to simply be aware of their existence. When something seems off—a message, email, or phone call—trust your instincts and don’t respond. If you received a questionable phone call that sounded like someone you know, rather than respond to an unfamiliar number, call that person directly and ask if the call came from them.

Awareness and caution go a long way in protecting you from even the most unexpected threats and trends in technology.

Keep Up with the Latest Trends

Not everything about technology is dangerous, which is why staying up with the latest trends, scams, and cybersecurity issues is the easiest and most effective way to stay protected. If you need help determining what level of risk your home or business may be facing, Nexus IT Consulting offers expert IT advice, security consulting, and services to support every aspect of your smart home or business technology.