Utah IT CompanyThe Nexus team is excited to recognize our twentieth year as a business serving an ever-growing network of clients in Northern Utah.

Two decades in business is no small achievement. The Nexus IT Consultants team is proud to have thrived in the Northern Utah business community for twenty years now; we think this is a good opportunity to look back and consider where the company came from, and how it’s gotten to where we are today.

Earl Foote co-founded Nexus IT Consultants with his brother in 1998 when he was just 22-years-old. Originally, Earl attended school for a degree in Civil Engineering and worked in the industry for several years. However, he eventually realized that it wasn’t his calling. He didn’t love the work he was doing, so he knew he needed to make a change and get involved with work he could really be passionate about.

Earl was much more interested in getting involved in IT. At the time, his brother was studying IT in school, and so they considered starting an IT company together – and that was that. With an initial investment of $250 each towards their joint venture, Earl and his brother launched an e-commerce website, capitalizing on the Dot-Com Boom.

However, it wasn’t long before they were being asked by local small businesses to handle IT support and management needs as well. Recognizing a growing demand for IT service, Earl borrowed his brother’s textbooks from school, studied independently, and soon gained his own IT certifications (A+, MCSE, CCNA).

With that, they began consulting with small businesses and handling their IT. Keep in mind, this was in the early 2000s, long before Managed IT Services was really a term or a formal part of the IT industry at all. At the time, Earl and his brother called it “Contract IT Services”. The service essentially entailed a certain number of hours per week of onsite service to take care of the client’s IT needs. They were also available on call for emergency services as need be.

It’s interesting to note that much of what they were doing manually at the time (maintenance routines, patching, etc.), are the same services that Nexus IT Consultants handles for clients today. However, thanks to newer technologies and solutions, those tasks are now mostly automated. It wasn’t until Kaseya hit the tech world in 2000 that Earl and his brother could start automating much of the work they were performing for clients as a part of their Contract IT Services.  With the introduction of Kaseya came an eventual industry-wide adoption of what we now know today as Managed Services.

Another key chapter in our evolution as a business was when we developed a specialty for designing and implementing turn-key production systems for audio and video production studios. The technology available to these clients at the time simply wasn’t a viable choice; the systems were too slow and were hindered by bloatware. That’s why our offering of simple, turn-key alternative solutions was so successful with clients in the audio-video production industry.

Today, we’re proud to offer a range of vital solutions and services to our ever-growing network of clients. Our comprehensive Managed IT service combines best practices, processes, and tools that, along with our expert technical knowledge, virtual CIO services, and proper facilitation, delivers an ideal result for businesses – they no longer have to worry about IT.

We also offer a fully Managed Cyber Security Defense service to deliver a range of vital solutions to our clients, from Penetration Testing and Employee Education to Backup and Disaster Recovery, Unified Threat Management, and Security Consulting.

Nexus IT Consultants is proud to offer a fully scalable, all-inclusive cloud solution as well, ensuring 99.999% uptime along with a range of key features such as Server Hosting (unlimited CPU, RAM, Hard Drive Storage, and Bandwidth usage), built-in PCI/HIPAA/SOC/SOX compliance, and much more.

Another uncommon service in our industry that we are proud to offer is our extensive range of Wi-Fi solutions. Our team can install, configure, and deploy Wi-Fi for a series of business types, from Stadiums to Corporate Offices to businesses in the hospitality industry.

However, it’s important to note that the types of services we offer are only half of a successful service; the other half? Our refusal to compromise when it comes to customer service and support. Our team is intently focused on providing our network of clients with the undeniably best service and support available to them in their area. We consistently win new business and keep current business because we believe in what we like to call “hyper-responsive concierge-level IT support and service”. When our clients need us, we are there, simple as that.

The thousands of competitors in our field often can’t offer the same kind of service as us; they’re slow to respond, have a smaller team, and can’t achieve the quality of support that the Nexus IT Consultants team prides itself on.

The fact is that we go above and beyond the standard scope of IT services. Instead of the standard IT support guys that show up to put out a fire and disappear until the next one, we become a strategic, integrated partner to our clientele. We attend board meetings, help them realize and plan towards their goals, all with the right technology to ensure that they get there.

These are just a few examples of the factors that have contributed to Nexus IT Consultants’ ongoing success, now twenty years after it was founded on a modest $500 investment. Whenever Earl came across a new opportunity to meet a need and expand the Nexus IT Consultants brand and help new clients, he took it. Whether it was in the original pivot to Contract IT Services, the precursor to today’s standard Managed Services; or in the niche development of turn-key production systems for audio-video studios, Nexus IT Consultants’ success has always come from innovation in services and steadfast commitment to the customers’ support needs.

For more information about the work Nexus IT Consultants does for the community and the services we offer, get in touch with us right away at (435) 659-2533 or  or email us at .