IT Provider Northern UtahNexus IT Consultants has been hard at work serving area businesses for the past 20 years – and we’ve got a lot to show for it.

It’s impossible to build a successful business without taking the time to make that business a part of the fabric of the community it serves. More than just offering the best possible services and going out of your way to make clients feel valued, it’s vital to step out of the office and beyond your daily duties to make a real difference to the people that live and work in the same places you do.

“I am so very excited and proud that Nexus IT Consultants has been able to serve Northern Utah for the past twenty years. We’ve put together a highly-qualified team and can provide both local and long-distance IT solutions – no matter where you’re located in the United States.” – Earl Foote, CEO of Nexus IT Consultants

That need to do more than just what’s expected of us is a big part of the reason Nexus IT Consultants is still going strong two decades after first opening our doors. Our team has always been more than happy to take any opportunity to be philanthropic, striving to help out wherever and however we can in order to make our community stronger.

Actions Speak Louder

We’ve worked closely with Park City Community Foundation and Utah Non-Profits over the years, donating our time, expertise, and reconditioned hardware anywhere it’s been needed. To date, we’ve been able to donate hundreds of computers and other pieces of vital hardware to area non-profits, enabling them to provide much-needed services more easily and efficiently. We’ve also stepped in to help businesses in need of cybersecurity training and education, free of charge.

Our team believes in taking a proactive approach to everything that we do and can’t imagine working any other way.

“By taking a proactive approach to managing IT needs, we can not only prevent data loss, but we can keep a network safe and functioning at peak performance.” – Earl Foote, CEO of Nexus IT Consultants

By being generous with our time, experience, and expertise, Nexus has been able to provide stellar support for our clients and our community. We’ve had the pleasure of making contributions to many fundraisers and charity events over the years, providing sponsorship support and often actively participating in these functions.

Nexus IT Consultants has built a reputation as a team of reliable and compassionate individuals who never hesitate to go the extra mile, both in and out of the office. It’s this attitude that’s kept us succeeding for the past two decades, and it’s what will allow us to continue to do so for many years to come.

Nexus IT Consultants could not be more proud of the charitable work we’ve done, and we’re looking forward to continuing to contribute however we can. If you’d like to learn more about how you can help us help our community, call us at (435) 659-2533 or or email: .