Salt Lake City Technology SpecialistTravis is Nexus IT’s IT Solutions Advisor. He joined the team in 2015 as a lifelong sales professional who prides himself on his ethics and his desire to do things differently. He places high value on relationships, both business and personal, and genuinely hopes that the people he engages with on a day to day basis can tell how much this matters to him.

In his own words, Travis says, “I come from a fantastic family. My wife is my saving grace. She keeps me in line and on a level plane. Without her, I am lost. We love to travel together whenever possible. My kids are far superior to me in every way. Outrageously smart and crazy athletic. We have National, Regional and State Champions in our home.” Travis thinks so highly of his family that he likens them to The Incredibles, with himself filling the role of Mr. Incredible, naturally.

When asked to share words of wisdom, Travis stated, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” This great motto can be applied to many aspects of life.

There are many reasons why Travis enjoys working for Nexus IT. First and foremost, he enjoys the daily challenges offered by the job. There’s always a new problem to solve when providing the highest-quality IT solutions to clients. He also appreciates the company’s top-notch values. He considers all of his coworkers to be “great dudes”.

As for things Travis enjoys, his two favorite pastimes are travel and being on the baseball field. He loves baseball so much that, as a kid, being a Major League ball player was his dream. And speaking of travel, one place he’s never been but wants to visit is Africa.

If he could have any super power, Travis would want to be able to see into the future. His favorite food is sushi, and the song he could listen to forever without getting tired of it is “Time Marches On” by Tracy Lawrence. The one electronic device he can’t live without is his iPhone.

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