How Nexus IT is Much More Than Just IT…

Our Hyper-Responsive Team of Technology Professionals Delivers World-Class IT Services, Of Course… But We’re More Than That. Find Out How…

Technology is more than what it appears to be, isn’t it? Smartphones, computers, the internet… It’s not about the tools they ARE. It’s about what they DELIVER to the world – from connections to knowledge to efficiency and everything in between. Technology is changing the way we, as humans, interact with one another and the world around us. Technology is pretty incredible in the way it empowers everyone who uses it. So if the technology is more than it appears to be, shouldn’t your technology partner be able to say the same?

Although Your Technology Partner SHOULD Be More Than IT, Many Aren’t Even Handling the Basics, Let Alone Going Above and Beyond…

Here’s the thing… Many MSPs act as a glorified helpdesk. Mainly, they do some monitoring, maintenance, and patching, then (hopefully) pick up the phone when someone is having an issue. In many cases, MSPs will claim to be handling the ongoing responsibility of managing the environment, but in reality, they’re failing to perform backups, apply patches, and other vital duties. Unfortunately, not handling the basics properly is a common problem in the industry.

Nexus IT, on the other hand, handles the basics with a high level of efficiency. We have the right tools, processes, and people in place to make sure all of the management tasks necessary are performed properly at all times. But more than that, we act as a strategic partner to those we serve. Sure, we’re hyper-responsive as we act as their IT department from the CIO role down to the help desk, but we’re more than that.

Our Hyper-Responsive Team Averages a 1-Minute Response Time and a 4-Hour Resolution Time for Support Requests, But What Else Do We Do?

As technology continues to evolve, it’s critical to ask yourself, “what MORE should my technology partner be doing?” Nexus IT is all about becoming an integral part of the businesses we serve. We’re often found sitting in on:

  • Board meetings
  • C-suite planning meetings
  • Company planning meetings
  • And much more

Why? Because we help our clients strategically plan to achieve the goals and the growth they’re looking for. We’re always aiming to help our clients be smarter in business as we scrutinize each department for avenues to:

  • Automate
  • Streamline
  • Improve

This, in turn, creates greater efficiency throughout the entire company. Since 1998, we’ve been steadily growing ourselves – allowing us to offer insight on business topics and challenges in terms of finance, sales, marketing, HR, operations, and more. We’ve also built an incredible amount of visibility in the community, which means we’re able to:

  • Make introductions
  • Recommend hires
  • Offer insight

Our Goal is Greater Than Us: We Aim to Add Significant Value to Our Community in More Ways Than One…

Nexus IT is about much more than IT, and our goal is greater than us… We aim to add significant value to our community as we share insightful content, organize and support local events, and, overall, help the community grow. We host ongoing personal and professional development opportunities, contribute to non-profit organizations with worthy causes, and much more.

Go Ahead and Ask Yourself: Is My Technology Partner MORE Than IT? If The Answer is No, Pick Up the Phone and Call Us at .